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    However, if not back to back away, the Rockets are not afraid of these two visitors. Since entering the NBA Charlotte Bobcats since the record has been very good, is the weakness of a team. Therefore, the Rockets played the Bobcats should be no problem, as long as no what crates, to win is absolutely secure. If you beat the Charlotte Bobcats, authentic nfl jerseys,the Rockets will get seven-game winning streak, will be ranked ahead of the other teams in the league.

    Rockets played over six games to victory record the position of the first western temporarily. In second place is the Street Fighter Suns them with six wins and one loss record temporarily in second place, and the last three games, all won. In third is the Denver Nuggets, they negative record five wins and two third place temporarily, but also made a three-game winning streak.

    In fourth place is the Mavericks, youth nfl jerseys, they scored four wins and two losses record. Came in fifth place was the Grizzlies, they also made four wins and two losses record, sixth pioneers also achieved four wins and two losses record. The sophistication of the teams in the league but the Spurs to three wins and only four losses record came in seventh place. However, everyone knows, the Spurs start of each season are not good, they belong to the slow type. In eighth place was achieved two wins and three defeats Lakers. Lakers start playing, but that is not satisfactory.

    Subsequently ninth in Minnesota, the tenth is the Warriors, Clippers eleventh, the twelfth bit is king, thirteenth jazz, fourteenth supersonic, fifteenth Hornets team. And in the east, came in first with five wins and one loss is the Pistons, cheap authentic jerseys, the second is four wins and one loss Bulls, third place is four wins and two negative Nets. Although we have achieved Wizards made only three wins and two losses record, but because of the advantages of partitioning, or came in fourth place.

    Cavaliers with five wins and two losses record ranked fifth, the Pacers ranked sixth, achieved four wins and two losses record, the Knicks ranked seventh, and achieved four wins and three losses record, the first eight is the Celtics, they scored three wins and three losses record. Then arrange the Bobcats, Magic, Raptors, 76ers, Eagles, Miami and so on.

    Played only a few games, nfl jerseys china, this ranking is still can not decide what, until the last half of the race after, maybe you can see some disparity out. However, the Rockets victory record or make a lot of people with admiration. Originally, McGrady’s injury, we all thought the Rockets would sink, did not think the Rockets touches way to triumph, made a six-game winning streak, dropped a lot of brick house called the beast of glasses.

    Of course, in this wave of six-game winning streak during the Zhou Wu winning streak the team’s performance as a vital part. If there is no reasonable Zhou Wu combing offensive, nor Zhou Wu five games in a double-double performance, the Rockets could not run so smoothly. Moreover, Zhou Wu is getting better, Coach handbags outlet, has been replaced vaguely have become a starting point guard Rafer Alston trend.

    Wu from the week can be seen playing time, although he is coming off the bench, but playing time but he is not less than Alston, and in some games played, the playing time even more than the Alstom lot. Is by virtue of Zhou Wu led the bench contributed firepower, the Rockets to be able to play such excellent.

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