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    Once there was a boy and girl
    Caught up in a life’s whirl
    The boy was in a deep love with the girl
    She was like an angel with a pearl
    The boy called the girl as fairy
    He enlisted his name in personal dairy
    He chanted girl’s name like a mantra
    The boy’s love carried a wide range of spectra
    The girl was in boy’s mind and heart
    Such that nothing can drift them apart
    The girl was  life to the boy
    so the boy planned his actions to employ
    He proposed the girl not once but thrice
    but the girl was like devil in disguise
    She rejected the proposals brutally
    And insulted the boy cruelly
    The boy was hurt so badly
    He cried and cried madly
    His heart was torn into million of pieces
    But the girl never cared for boy’s crisis
    The boy was hurt so badly
    Now he hates this feeling of love
    His heart is now full of hatred and pain
    He hates everyone now like an insane
    Thus one more love story ended
    prior to its commence
    Now there is pain and pain all around
    The boy’s heart is filled with incurable wounds
    But The boy still loves that girl
    but the girl still don’t cares
    One day the girl will realize the boy’s eternal love

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