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     Children, IReally can not wait every day beside you, to be a good angel guardianship at any time encourage you, comfort you, advise you,
    Will help you pave the road, prepare for future academic and personality ..
    July 1954  nightLast week I speak for the sensitive “Everlasting Regret” and “Pipa”, I feel a great beauty. Bai of soundDay realized the deep and emotional relationship. Those who go to the sad place, the wind will switch to rhyme. “Pipa
    Line “in the” big string Cao Cao, “” Little string earnest “section, like the staccato sound [off] ① sound like a luteSounds very cut; and “Silence is golden at this time” a few, is equal to ending a long pause []. “SilverSlurry into the water bottle .. “two, authentic nfl jerseys is clear from the sudden attack [sound], magnificent momentum. As for the” long
    Hate the song “, that breath of detachment, not to write off the profane love, everything does not go [Grace Emperor’s noblenessStyle], it is eternal odd pen. When you can see there are several different ways: First, separate the paragraphs look at classification
    Things turn ups and downs; the second is suddenly looking like sad mood suddenly, suddenly calmed, sometimes elegant; Third, the whole experience
    Changes in syllables and rhyme poetry. From the general side, Once upon a time up to the tragedy, even more that part of LuoMan’s strange and beautiful history of fresh, but still full of human taste (such as too true that the words of the priests). There are white homeEasy to write the action of the wrist is great: “Shier propped Johnson weakness”, “save the king shall not hide his face””Jiuhua tents Menghun shock” paragraphs, what are vivid! “Seventh City, Que dust students, Qian Cheng Wanqi West
    South, “wrote the emperor to flee their own imperial spirit.” Greenwood shook his line of re-only “is more clear-cut plans
    Painting! Finally, cheap designer sunglasses  there is a little beauty: fine poem written so mildly, still without losing its elegant, notTiny of the disease have the slightest! (Delicate and tiny big difference.) Obviously is a tragedy, but the written minutes of crying
    Crying and wailing, how moderate a degree, which is both romantic and classical beauty of the end wonderful grams typical.July 29, 1954 meetingDear Cong: Saturday (July 24) within three days, my father said there should be a letter Cong,Sure enough, he’s feeling a little bad, you received 26 written in the car, Moscow issued,Zhang Ning, and forwarded by the letter, we are more than happy! Your letter, although the writing is sloppy, but write good,We greatly appreciate, a lonely, concentration, mlb jerseys china  feelings are issued by the real thing. YouAppreciated by Li Bai, Bai, Su, Xin Jiaxuan and other major poets of our favorite, all
    Have the same feeling is also a music also. Wait until you have any depression, loneliness, when a lot of contact with our ancestors① sound and tone each other down.
    Country’s great poet, Qianxing grief for you, give you warm. Amin the piano .. also unglued, and isIn the repair. The week, he has returned to normal, he also has self-knowledge, not stubborn, becauseWe enjoy speaking with him and learning are two things. He is the average development, jerseys from china  the school gave up, too can be
    Unfortunately, we agree not to give up his violin and secondary schools do not give up, Chen and the new view is no different case.Now he seems to have figured out, not disgruntled, and playing the violin four hours a day, and the remaining time to read Christopher,There listening to music, and occasionally go out to see movies. The Polish Film Week, “Chopin’s youth [Chopin]
    Era, “he accompany me to read, some are not fun, writers have a problem, the light is too dark, not the idealOf. Repair of the house, not yet dry, and my father is still on the third floor, and he’s a regular on the job, you
    Is well aware of. Stewart served two-thirds of the works translated, somehow more than ten hours a day, cheap nfl authentic jerseys  can be expected in September
    Published. Recently, work stress, and not easy to sleep at night, I told him to do less, he always put every non-Requirements can not be done, the character of this, there is no way. An idle, he will have for you Trespa 100 taking into account the

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