such as dust under the general flying in the air

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    such as dust under the general flying in the air. Naked chest, thick chest hair, a dark a large, in addition to exceptionally coarse body hair of him elsewhere, the man looks like a murderous gorilla, look particularly hideous, terror.

    Pupil of Chen Nan eyes shrink shrink, bursting out with two coldness he coldly said: “Enough talk, Do it!” Although he already know Duke’s cultivation has reached the realm of second-order Mahayana, are about to enter three master list of bands, but his mind not care at this moment, he is surprisingly calm. This is a million years ago, he had tempered the enemy mentality, the more we encountered a strong enemy, the more the face of war, his mind is more calm.

    The cents Wu School of strong warm-up contest shortly after the end, the young master did not leave to come here to participate in the fightnfl jerseys authentic against major college competition. Many young people strong in these two days tour in the Jin capital of unusual events on this main road was soon attracted to the young master of the four colleges.

    Some in the crowd one would recognize the aggressive looks, through the hair with strong flavor of the small Duke, these people know that he is the brother of the of divinity small Houye. After all, the small Duke of divinity in the strong warm-up match steal the show, failure to do four college competition master, the people around him he became a focus of attention.

    These people do not know the domineering Houye Why should this go to war, but everyone looking forward to this major stations. Perhaps this is the commonality of many psychological dark side, will occur in the tragic conflict of the others, as their pleasure.

    Small Duke repeatedly suffer verbal, and long Henji Chen Nan, he shouted: “Boy, you give me die!” Rolling sound waves, such as the clap of thunder is generally sound on the spot, shaking the crowd many people of burst, many people scared hastily shut his ears.

    Small Duke body of a glaucoma, such as a photoelectric general collision to Chen Nan away.

    Chen Nan Lengheng, powerful force dormant in the body allnfl jerseys china of a sudden restlessness, a powerful breath from his body instantly broke out. Dazzling gold filling in his body surface, a bright light, such as Ares Full Metal Jacket is generally shrouded in his in vitro.

    Others see a glaucoma clash away to Chen Nan, Chen Nan Road dozen intertwined boxing shadow to his fiercely hit to drop it from. Teng step forward, the whole street and went to tremble, his right fist Meng Hui out of resistance to force, violence with violence.

    Golden boxing shadow surrounded by a tract blazing Jinmang, Jin Yi, general dancing, powerful force, space distorted, it seems to shadow the boxing void near the tear. Great mighty pressure of the Quartet, the crowd surging force Tuiju receding wave of terror to make everyone feel bursts of palpitations, even if those skills advanced practitioners in the crowd is no exception.

    Chen Nan H fist straight into the center of the small Duke boxing film, sound earth-shattering sound at the venue sounded an Xeon Tai energy flow at the venue broke out.

    Two gold, green light just like the two sun in the sky photos, stunning eyes of a bright light, the huge flow of energy, such as flash floods and general spray put out. Strong and surging all the spectators back pushed out thirty feetdiscount coach handbags distance, many people on his back to the ground, the scene is chaos.

    Streets in the center of the energy flowing, whistling winds, the mad wind stirred the hair of Chen Nan, but his body was like an iron pickets generally firmly nailed there. Imperial Lord General deterrence Quartet stalwart unattainable by his presence gives a feeling at this moment, he seemed mighty around a mythical force, he Dominating position.

    Illusion? Hallucinations? Wait and see people who have been hard to tell.

    Raging energy flow gradually fugitive, the wind has also been stopped down a deep ridge of a huge gully in front of Chen Nan, the streets were destroyed horrendous.

    “Oh” pit sent bursts of coughing sound, a huge the palm Bazhu pit along the face dust Duke pit hard climb up. The moment he embarrassed extremely palm silt black swelling, if it is the last minute with outstanding service fist under the strong guidance to the limbs corniculatus, his right hand wholesale nike shoes

    completely abolished.

    Blow! Just punch defeat! This makes the arrogant Duke has a feeling like crying, this is the greatest shame that he had ever suffered, even if his brother is not so simple to beat him!

    “I refused to accept the boy again, I must kill you!” Small Houye eyes blood red, such as the beast roared.

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