My heart….It don’t ever quit.

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    The Red Angel

    My hands are not my slaves anymore
    Solitude is there passion
    Things are diving into the horizon
    I am lost somewhere
    Angel taming the demon is nowhere
    Fear is dwelling inside
    Hope is losing its sight
    Dreams are shivering with cold blood
    But something inside is fortifying me
    I can feel its pulse,its still there
    This red angel eventually arrives
    Cos my heart….it don’t ever quit.

    It took me ages to climb the Everest
    The thin air feels heavy
    No time to savor the moment
    The ice is melting,my hold dwindling
    I cry out loud
    I was there, i know how to persevere
    Each moment of my downfall brought flashes of my glory.
    Can’t wipe off the tears with ice in my hands
    Tired mind befriends me
    But this red angel is still there with me.
    Cos my heart….it don’t ever quit.

    I loved someone but lost myself
    I chased people who didn’t confess
    Where do i go from here
    Discover myself or love someone else
    Dilemma is grinding me inside
    Dreams and infatuations are battling
    Soon i will be loosing one in vain
    Soon i will be listening to that red angel again
    I trust her more than my life
    She has embraced me in days of plight
    May God bless her with immortality
    Cos my heart….it don’t ever quit.

    Hate around me terrifies the soul
    The beast inside petrifies the soul
    Humanitarian is loosing blood each day
    He is frail, he is weak
    He is quenched by mean streak
    But i have chosen his path by myself
    Won’t bow down to anyone else
    I will bleed, i know
    There will be a grieve, i know
    But who care for the world till i have her
    Her purity will be a legend
    She has all the power to tame the beast.
    Cos my heart….it don’t ever quit.

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