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    Yonfan how could the Soviet Union to Lishui dream residential property company? Would not it be anything Goof? Quickly said: “Miss Su, you do not have to the property company, Kumho directly to the hotel bar. In order to express your support for these property owners to work thanks to the company, our hotel property company hosted a dinner at the Kumho you.”
    “Well, I probably half an hour later to go to.” Su Dream With that hung up the phone.
    Su dream about it, and no one can hang up the phone Yonfan feel relaxed.
    Posing as property companies, and this is no way of things, Yonfan not recognize Soviet dream, how could not do so out of a dream about the Soviet Union? Can be seen next door after the Soviet Union is the most important, Yonfan do not know what the Soviet Union is a dream kind of person, not how to speak like a good dream saying that they wanted her Su Lei Ting shared tenant matters.
    “Well, take it step by step. It is not, brother to play the cross, and brother do not believe that there are not afraid of the first triad.” Yonfan think of any better words, simply holding the intention to cross the mentality of playing to the Kumho Hotel.
    Kumho Hotel in Lishui district next to the far, this hotel is only four-storey, floor is the hall, two or three are four rooms, it is very unusual for a hotel.
    Into the Kumho Hotel, Fan Yang a first package, wholesale jerseys from china  the saying goes, man-eating mouth is short, take the staff is short, let the Soviet dream, please go to eat their words.
    “If not, then blame a brother before resorting to force.” Yonfan thinking silently in their hearts, stood in the front of the hotel waiting for the Soviet Union Kumho dream to happen.
    The other, it waited more than an hour.
    Sumeng Ming Ming said that half an hour to go to, how not to?
    Yonfan can not help but walk a few steps forward, came to the hotel entrance road Kumho looked on eagerly.
    At this time, a red car approaching rapidly from the blocks began to brake. Sounds harsh braking, tire friction on the ground bursts produce smoke. So when the car stopped, the front and standing on the roadside Yonfan the knee has no more than five centimeters.
    “I speak, how you drive the fuck?” Yonfan of heartbeat of the drum with the same voices have changed, while severely kicked in the front cover, issued a “bang” bang, car front cover has deflated one inside.
    This is sudden, and scared the daylights Yang Fan. But for years, Yang Fan has also experienced waves, petrified scared to give up.
    Yonfan just kicked in the front of the car that cover, there is the instinctive reaction, this fit of anger, who can we resist? Can Ayala, Fan Yang realized that the car is a sports car, Made in, turned his grandmother’s Ferrari?
    Fan Yang’s anger immediately disappeared, and my heart could not help but “slightly Deng,” look, this person able to open on the Ferrari car, so how good crop ah? Not money, on his mother’s right, this money and power, there is the same thing. Another possibility is to mix the same with their black, but she is open on the Ferrari, and have mingled the point where Han?
    “Although my car is not a good car, but you can not play it so?” Door open, the driver’s seat down a tall woman, around to the front of the car looked at the car where the front cover deflated said.
    See a woman get off, Yonfan involuntary sigh of relief, wholesale jerseys from china he heart: Fortunately, not down a man, or else they have hands.
    “There you are so driving it? Almost hit brother know? You this car worth even then, there is no life worth it?” Said Yang Fan fool with.
    Yang Fan tall woman heard these words, turned his head and smiling watching Yang Fan, said: “life really that worthless?”
    Yonfan this way to see this woman, xxvii-year-old look, soft shawl made with the breeze swinging, standard oval face, very fine facial features. Ms. suit small, rounded lower body skirt covered only very Alice’s buttocks, rounded legs to wear thin stockings, reverie again and again.
    Sure enough, or the taste of ripe woman with ah! Yonfan could not help but thought.
    See Yonfan some trance like, upturned mouth tall woman smiled, seemed to look like Yonfan will be exposed is not surprised.
    Yonfan this response came, Yoshimasa words, said: “Do not think that there is both Chouqian quite a lot, and the world, but do carry a reasonable word.”
    “Well, now I’ll tell you about truth.” Convergence of a woman smile from his face, serious for Fan Yang said.
     Chapter XIX people speechless woman [number of words in this chapter: 2110 last updated 2010 -09-26 11:00:00.0]
     ————————————————– –
     “Talk the talk, I am afraid you fail?” Yonfan uphold fooling, when the momentum in this important, once lost momentum, unreasonable, but also about people.
    Tall woman look serious, said: “Then I ask you first, I did not hit you?”
    “Uh … no, however, was almost hit.” cheap jerseys from china     t Yonfan language knot.
    “There is no, almost is not hit.” Is obviously a very tall woman would be unreasonable master, once said: “Now the facts before us, I did not hit you, you are yet to kick my car flat , you say who Zhanli this matter? ”
    Language results from Yang Fan, tall woman’s face again a smile, which she seems to smile in Yang Fan, is to let some cold.
    “Words can not say, you just speed so fast, and with a harsh braking on rushing, I was frightened, angry kick out of your car is also a thing of the past to say.” Yonfan once said.
    “You do not have a quibble.” Tall woman said: “I do not leave as fast, but I have not hit you grasp foolproof. Say, and now a fact, I do not say anything to you. identity and contact information used, which was revised fare you give me. ”
    “Well, brother confessed.” Yonfan impatiently waved, gave each other out ID cards: “This is my ID card, how much your phone number, I give you in the past.”
    Mother, brother have important decisions to do either, you have to take lessons learned in this horrible woman.
    Tall woman chuckle sweet, reported his cell phone number.
    Yonfan press numbers played in the past, immediately look to the tall woman, authentic nfl jerseys 

    tall woman at a time this is also to see to the Yang Fan.
    “Soviet dream?” Asked a surprised Yang Fan.
    “Your company is in Lishui district property? How I have not seen you?” Soviet dream puzzled look Yonfan.
    Yonfan immediately smiled: “This is really great the water, the Dragon King Temple, please, please inside, we ate that?” An easy thing to write off the vehicle while also passing from the hands of Soviet dreams withdraw their own identity.
    Face Yonfan this move, the Soviet Union only dream chuckle, but it is people move into the Lake Hotel footsteps.
    Yonfan with the Soviet Union behind the dream, and my heart is thinking: Zhe Poniang in the end what is backing? Ferrari to open, and that before resorting to force his soldiers, appears to be burned out!
    “Other owners?” Soviet dream into a private room surface, after seeing no one asked.
    “… Other owners have gone.” Yonfan said. My heart is made difficult, met with the Soviet Union was going to dream a dream with the Soviet Union with respect, and then ask her to dinner, say they want to live out her rented house in Lishui district in the matter.
    Finally, it is not Dances with her cross, it is estimated that thing will do. I did not expect this to meet their own people kept the car to kick deflated.
    The key issue is the Soviet Union can be a dream to open a Ferrari, he did not find out she’s backing up. Like all good until set aside.
    Su dream eyes back on the chair looking at this time dressed in a T-shirt, gently wrinkled brow.
    This jacket is Yang Fan’s school uniforms, wholesale designer purses school uniforms morning sun. Yonfan afraid to wear their school uniforms to delay and come off readily on the rooms on the chair back on. Because dreams can be so dramatic with the Soviet Union to meet Yonfan a moment forget the advanced rooms away clothes, this time was a dream to see the Soviet Union, Yang Fan is naturally impossible to close up.
    “Miss Su, we said as he ate?” Yonfan opening test at this time asked.
    “Casual.” Su dream answered very happy, while people are dining chair and sat down.
    Yonfan immediately out of the bag between the waiter serving notice at the door, to return to private rooms, when Yonfan stood altogether in his coat and sat down on the chair, that this dress is their own.
    Yang Fan is definitely a dream to see their Soviet made them, will think of what the mind.
    However, the Soviet Union all this dream seems to turn a blind eye so calm sitting on the chair, it seems really waiting for the waiter serving.
    Yonfan not speak, do not dream of opening the Soviet Union, the atmosphere of dull but slowly getting depressed again.
    Fortunately, the waiter started serving at this time, be moderated this atmosphere.
    Yang Fan is intended to please the Soviet dream of a meal, but dinner is only the Soviet Union who dream of a shame.
    Asked a woman to eat, food is not much, but it is fine.

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