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    A flower’s life is dedicative.

    Flowers have beauty superlative.


    Be it sunflower, daffodil or rose,

    It seems for man all flowers have rose.


    At the first moment of dawn,

    When the night and moon is gone.


    All the flowers take bath in dew,

    Dew remains for a moment or few.


    Be it enemy or a friend,

    Giving flowers is an ancient trend.


    Flowers have hypnotizing smell,

    What words can’t say,flowers easily tell.


    As pearl is hidden in a shell,

    So do all sentiments in flowers dwell.


    On every face flowers bring a smile,

    One forgets the world for a while.


    Be it God, child or a sage,

    Flowers please personalities of all age.


    Creation’s attention all flowers steal,

    To broken heart a flower can heal.


    ‘Flower’, by God is a gift very good,

    Plant a flower we all should.


    One simple thing I have to tell,

    Without flowers this world is hell.


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