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    Dedicated to the girl whom i love so much but she dosen’t even know me….

    i m very shy to express my feelings to her…….

    First time

    I saw u in my college bus with my wide open eyes

    U were like an angel in disguise

    With eyes and nose perfectly placed

    By seeing even a Miss Universe be suprisingly amazed

    U smiled and it created the most enrapturing sight ever

    Dear i would forget it never

    Your cute steps made me feel for u

    U are the only princess wish I could just tell U

    The charm on your face  is so elegant

    Girl,U are the one with loads of talent

    With a loving heart and a pretty smile

    You have got the class and also the style

    God Hasn”t missed a single virtue in U

    What U Don’t have i am still misssing a clue

    Intoxicated by ur beauty a poet can forget his rhyme

    U are like  the rose among all flowers

    Such is your beauty pure and divine…….



    and sry for any grammatical mistakes

    Suniel Sri

    no no man !!!!
    it’s gud!!!




    ofcourse she misses u being by her side.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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