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    Zhou Wu set off by weeks crazy, has not only spread in Houston and domestic. Other cities in the United States is, Zhou Wu’s reputation is also growing larger. Zhou Wu fame first in the Chinese-American circles has a high status, followed by the fans began to spread in the United States.

    Subsequently, Zhou Wu’s crazy performance flying the United States, Nfl jerseys wholesale,flew around the world, to become the world basketball newspaper reported the important content. Especially in China, more and more fans Zhou Wu, Yi Jianlian has faint fan base more than a trend. Of course, now Zhou Wu Yao Ming fans want more than a fan, it definitely is a bit unrealistic. After all, Yao Ming in China’s influence is really big enough.

    Rockets played the Bobcats, should have had seven-game winning streak hopes, but the Rockets did not expect to play the captains never Bobcats game is so ups and downs, has become a NBA game this season, the most classic game game. Coach handbags outlet, The second day, at noon Rockets fly to Charlotte, rest one night, the next day there will be training, and then play against the Charlotte Bobcats at night.

    December 29, 2002 in NBA history has an important day worth remembering. On this day, through the expansion of the league committee members unanimously recommended the Alliance Board of Directors adopted a final instructions important decision, namely in the NBA outside of the original 29 teams in Charlotte and then added a new army, thus making the league total to 30 teams. As the Union expanded a new force, the Charlotte Bobcats team by the number of shareholders holding shares, of which the largest shareholder, is the most important operational by Robert – Mr. Johnson. Wholesale Coach Handbags,The team’s first head coach by Bernie – Bickerstaff served.

    In addition, Bernie who is also general manager of the Charlotte Bobcats. Then in the next year or so’s time, the Bobcats began a long and complicated history of the formation. They build a new arena, the team’s mascot is finalized Rufus, in addition to the formation of a truly their own cheerleaders. At the same time, the player selection process is also intense for them.

    This should be regarded as one of the biggest moves in the summer of 2004 NBA Draft won second place show the identity of a power forward Emeka Okafor. Okafor this field around the core, the Bobcats came and signed Eddie House, Melvin Electrolux and other seasoned veteran, and selected in the expansion draft to the Kings young players Gerald Wallace.

    After nearly two years of preparation, Nfl jerseys china,NBA league’s 30 teams in last season in Charlotte, announced the establishment. 2004-05 season, the teams from the other composed of players selected Bobcats achieved very good results, they not only did not like a lot of people predicted at the bottom of the league record, but also beat the defending champion Detroit Pistons, so Many experts admiration.

    2005 NBA Draft, the Bobcats selected North Carolina’s two generals Raymond Felton and Sean plum, plus the inner core Okafor, Gerald Wallace outside the gates, the team The basic framework has been formed, the season made 26 wins 56 losses record.

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