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    Though it has many technicals word it depicts feelings of an engineer in a humurous way….

    I dedicate this poem 2 u 
    as u are my inspiration 
    the gain of my love will be limitless 
    Like a variable in infinte loop configuration 
    When I close my eyes 
    Its U that i imagine 
    my heart beats faster than 
    a four stroke diesel I.C. engine 
    Your face like a charged capacitor 
    Your cute steps like current in a resistor 
    Please take my heart as a OP-AMP 
    Let U n I combine them to built an Integrator 
    Dear when i am sending my modulating wave 
    You shoulDn't suppress the carrier wave 
    The communication between us should be DSB-FC 
    and u are making it SSB-SC? 
    My heart's microcontroller wants to interface with your memory 
    Girl,Pleae complete the above circutory 
    Ur picture is stored in my mind"s RAM and ROM 
    And it will not be erased as it's not EPROM 
    People say U and i share a negative feedback 
    But I say i will make it positive 
    Please dont't prove me wrong 
    MY heart's oscillator is not that much strong 
    The electric field arised due to your presence 
    Attracts all the charges of my essence 
    The Divergence and curl of a vector field can be zero 
    Girl why dont'u make me ur life's only HERO? 
    So If Java can be linked with C 
    or if email can be sent for free 
    Why on earth can't u and me 
    For the rest of our life time together be.....

    Nice poem. Of course of new style and tech. terminologies.
    Please post it on the main page of p4poetry so most members can enjoy it. Many of our members are tech Savvy, please know. You will receive comments on your poem on how they have felt the poem.
    Only hope it is not a love’s virus… 🙂


    @vushvnand:Thank u ver much sir…
    Also i m new to this website so i don’t know how to publish
    the poem on the main page could u please guide me through the steps please?


    Please click on FAQ (Frequently asked questions) at the top line above where how to post your poems has been detailed. The condition is only that you must register at site as a member, which is free and I hope you have already registered


    PLease click on FAQ (frequently asked questions) shown at the top line of the page which includes advice on how you can publish your poems on main page. Looking forward to your poems on Main page…..Vishvnand

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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