Sabr Reet Jabalpuri

Sabr Reet Jabalpuri
Gender: Male
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Yahoo: reeintune
Google Talk / Jabber: khare.reetesh
Hail from the city of white marble- JABALPUR, anchored at the banks of highly pious and sacred goddess river NARMADA in the heartland state of INDIA- MADHYA PRADESH.

Now earning a living by encashing on the self chosen interest of work, i.e. writing.
And keep on stealing moments of pleasure by enliving its shades for the self sake.

Sharing a thought by respected GULZAAR SAAB that fuels many lives and mine too,

पहले से लिखा, कुछ भी नहीं

रोज़ नया कुछ लिखती है तू

जो भी लिखा है, दिल से जिया है

ये लम्हा...फिलहाल जी लेने दे!

Poems by Sabr Reet Jabalpuri