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तन्हा रहने दो अब

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Hindi Poetry

अब मैं रह गया हूँ तन्हा
तन्हा तो अब रहने दो
अब नहीं मैं इतना नन्हा
बिन बहे नैन बहने दो

हाथ से हाथ छूटे तो
एक ज़माना हुआ पहले ही
साथ अब पूरा छूटा जो
ज़िक्र भी अब रहने दो

ज़िंदगी ज़िन्दा है मुझमें
मौत ले गई बस वो चोला
सांस वही, थी जो उसमें
थम के फिर अब चलने दो

सो रहीं जो बंद है आँखें
दफ़्न आवाज़ चुप है ज़ुबां
बोलूँगा जब भी वो चाहें
सुन लो ये अब कहने दो


  1. Aparna says:

    Nice Poetry….. Kafi dard Bhare alfaaz hai… Sab theek to hai na?

    • Reetesh Sabr says:

      Thanks Aparna ji…All is more or less well at my personal end…However, thanks for the concerned response..and here is a little draft on the background of this poem..

      A dear friend commented..”Beauty of loneliness wel defined”

      So i explained in these words…
      Its more about the choice of a loner..than just loneliness…though, loneliness is not what he has choose by choice. But having forced upon..now he want to be a loner, rather than being surrounded by the formal presence of the world.

      I wrote this for a colleague..who has recently lost his dad. And that morning (21st Apr) only when he resumed office, he said i got tired of the relatives who are still staying back at home..why dont they go now..I want to be alone.

      On this that friend then concluded…
      “True said, its not about what someone had lost, all the time that lone buddy wants time for himself, and the staying people adds to the grief as well. You defined absolute. ”

      Thats All!

  2. ललित मोहन says:

    क़लम के राही !
    वाह !

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