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Interior Decoration … that’s Lovely….!

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Interior Decoration … that’s Lovely….! 

I was in a high mood, enlightened & walking
had just finished at home reading something
possibly a poem or an article soul satisfying
As to feel joy within of a type very delighting…

A friend my age suddenly met & asked enquiringly
“Where you are buddy & what are you busy doing?”
And as if to pull his legs I blurted out smiling, 
“I am busy with my business of interior decorating”

Surprised, he asked “What? I did not know this
when did you acquire interest & knowledge in this?
A very paying profession in these days isn’t it?
You have always been lucky & enjoying
your architect daughter must be surely helping”

“No my friend” I said. “Sorry, I was in a way joking.
But dear this is also a fact to you I should be telling
this is not the Interior Decoration that you mean, 
the exterior decoration of interiors of house, office 
A residence or a restaurant to make it look fine.

Mine is confined surely to interior decoration 
But of my own heart’s interiors with activities sublime 
this interior decoration is enlightening, sky being the limit
and keeps me fully & happily occupied, entertained & fit.
The job is serious & happily demanding but not vigorous”
Yes, this lovely work of decoration of my heart’s interiors……! 

“ Vishvnand “


  1. indira says:

    i guessed the content upon reading the title…thank you sir for a wonderful perspective…regards…

  2. kusum says:

    Unusual angle of thinking. Never thought of that before.

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