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25 years of togetherness

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This day…thinking of that year

So far its seems now and yet so near

Two strangers coming together and becoming so dear

Riding through rough times to finally celebrate with cheer


In a marriage which was not love; but arrange

Coming from backgrounds so strange

It’s heartening to see you both change

So much you talk  and still have tons to exchange


Knowingly or not, you both have changed

Dad helping with chores to help Mom who was drained

Or Mom agreeing to things  to ensure both of you gained

Both working tirelessly to ensure relation remains unstrained


Your non-stop chats that wake us in the morning

With laughter and cups of tea to keep you warming

You don’t realise how much we keep longing

To see you immersed in each other without warning


So many dreams realised and many more to go

The love that is visible and the one you choose not to show

Wanted to tell you that we all know

The love that you have will continue to grow


All these years, it has been worth the struggle

You did so much and continue to juggle

May your love continue to multiply and double

While you continue to be enveloped in  love’s bubble




  1. kusum says:

    Very nice appreciation of your parents perhaps.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Excellent indeed …!
    A lovely beautiful exclusive poem on silver wedding anniversary to cherish
    Reading it, if we do, sure your parents will greatly love it & proudly relish …! 🙂

  3. Vijeta says:

    very nice poem ! 🙂

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