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Life’s a prayer ….!

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Life’s a prayer ….!

I read somewhere; a school teacher,
to a lovely children’s class gave a task,
”Everyone now; write a letter to God,
& what you want to know from Him, ask”

A small child had written
“Dear God, I remember you,
Even when I am not praying,
is it OK with you, or am I sinning?”

Ever since I read this
Felt genuine admiration for the boy
Wondered what would be dear God’s reply
Matter remained seeking in my mind’s eye

In the wee hours of one morning
in my dream God’s answer was emerging ….

“You, my sweet darling child,
you may know or may know not
your life itself all along is unto me
Nothing else but your prayer of every kind
& your life too in turn is my gift to you profound …. .

Your work, what you do in life, Good or bad,
Is but your prayer to me and goes on record
whether you know you are praying or not,
better beware whatever you do, I keenly watch
I am yours to have …. I am Your Loving God.”

I woke up feeling fresh & rejuvenated,
In gratitude to this God’s assurance & delighted,
Reassured to what I had believed thus far,
Ready to make my plans for now & future,
In thankfulness to the boy’s innocent shocker…!



  1. kanchana Selvakumar says:

    Beautiful thought to start the day 🙂

  2. siddha nath singh says:

    Nimitt matram bhav sabyasaachin!

  3. medhini says:

    Nice poem & rejuvenating,Vishvji.

  4. dr.vedvyathit says:

    very good poem

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