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The man in the mirror…

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Who am I trying to fool?

Don’t I know that it’s so uncool?

You are your own judge

So don’t try the facts to fudge.


The man in the mirror

Remember is always better and superior.

It’s him who is looking at you

And he does it without a clue or cue.


Stop fooling others by fooling yourself

Always remember it begins with the self.

I know the colors are many, not just black and white

But it must be my endeavor to do it right.


Or else this life would be just a fool’s paradise

Where you’d just fall and fall but not rise.

Lock your eyes with the eyes of the man in the mirror

And decide whether that’s just your façade or a true picture.



  1. SN says:

    very true and a wonderful style.I also said in one of my gazals-
    Aaeene ki aankh se aankhen mila kar dekhiye
    tab bhi dil jo de gavaahi,muskaraa kar dekhiye.
    jhar padenge andhe jugnu laakh daaman me abhi
    roshni ke ped ye thoda hilaa kar dekhiye.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Profound paradox & adroit advice in elegantly penned poetry
    Enjoyed & liked immensely
    Hearty Kudos for this excellent poem

    To get out from this self fooling & living in such fool’s paradise
    And try create by our actions & holistic conduct, real paradise like living situation for self & others in life
    Is the real purpose & use of our life …. 🙂

    Hearty Welcome indeed…Am feeling very happy …. Can we now earnestly hope & look forward to re-commencement of your posting of poems/comments here as we enjoyed in the years 2008 & 2009 before…. !

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