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English Poetry

Love is
In a poem well written
In the words that you said
In a song that’s well sung
In every alphabet, A to Z

In ever heart that did beat
In the babble of the brook
In the whisper of the wind
In the beauty of your look

In the crack of thunder
In the feel of the earth
In the tap of the rain
In every child’s birth

In the fragrance of the lily
In the warmth of the sun
In the pull of the moon
In everything that is fun

In the glow of the night sky
In the pounding heartbeat
In the gurgle of a baby
In the lovebird’s every tweet

Love never began nor will end
Love is neither old, nor new
Love can even be found
In the breath shared with you


  1. kusum gokarn says:

    ‘A song that is well sung.’
    That is your poem, truly.

  2. sudha sood says:

    As usual simple but very beautiful…..shows true meaning of love found everywhere in our daily lives

  3. roma says:

    Hey nic one….. Simply… True….

  4. Gion Gion says:

    I enjoyed the rhythm of the poem a lot.
    You seem to have put new breath between the Alpha and Omega of oft used imagery.. 😉

  5. Johnie says:

    You must have missed the part of the article that say&;s#8221.There’s no indication that Clinton’s campaign was aware of Lawal’s legal problems when it accepted his help in raising more than $100,000, but a McClatchy investigation in the U.S. and Nigeria “suggests” that her campaign did little to scrutinize the background of one of its top fundraisers.

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