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Putting up with faulty women with faulty actions

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English Poetry


I was seated quietly
In a restaurant
When a lady and a man
Were seated on my left
On the other side
Of the glass partition

All of a sudden,
The lady shook the glass partition
And with it the table
On which I was seated also shook
Causing me uneasiness
I swallowed this unpleasantness

Soon I got busy with my meal
At the same restaurant
When another lady rushing and hurrying
Hit her purse on the back of my right leg
While I was eating in a seated position
I swallowed this unpleasantness too

More was yet to come

There was a lady who was standing
And waiting at the bus-stop
She was not looking in the direction
From which the bus would be coming
But was looking in the opposite direction
My direction, to be precise
And at the same time, she was busy
Talking on the mobile phone
And scratching her right eye

And when she left the scene
She seemed to be the cause
For a bike to enter from behind
The opposite direction, that is,
And travelling in opposite direction
It went between me and the bus-stop
And no sooner did it go
Than it caused me scratchiness
In my right eye on the day Friday today

Not to forget that phone = drive = 58



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Having read the post it is difficult to conclude & know
    if the fault is with the women or with the man for thinking so.
    What is the name of this theory & logic, I would like to know ….. 🙂

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Well Vishvnandji if you are seated at a restaurant and all of a sudden your table starts shaking and a woman is the cause of it, you’ll know you have been done in and disturbed by a woman.

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