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I am what I am, just because of you
I tried, but could never repay the due
And I miss you now & I miss you ever
Away from my heart, you’d be never

Nothing can replace the love you gave
Even when I erred or did not behave
Your love continued even from heaven
Blessings galore, twenty four by seven

I was a small child to you, till your end
For my happiness, you would always fend
I miss those moments, I miss your hug
I miss your smile & the motherly tug

Maybe God wanted you more than me
I cherish every memory with supernal glee
I know heaven is now a better place
Rest in peace dear Mama, by Gods grace


  1. Sonia says:

    Nobody on this Earth can take the place of ure mom or love u as much as ure mom..i pay my respect to ure mom and i am sure that she is in the lap of God now and sees u evryday

  2. kavita says:

    Very touching poem.showing the love and care u have for your mom.no one can take her place.One can understand the feelings.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Lovely poem on Mom of profound feelings & grace
    Most touching line in context “I know heaven is now a better place”
    Liked the poem immensely & empathize with what it beautifully conveys…


  4. Alok Dubey says:

    Very well,expressed , feelings for to mother ,,in very simple ,down to earth language ,whihc directly relates to heart .
    Alok dubey

  5. SN says:

    do not find words to able to express my praise.

  6. Sudha says:

    Vijay you have said it all in your poem …….she missed every day of our lives. Thanks for writing this special poem in her memory….. . She was very beautiful soul and always ready to do things for everyone and looked for a pat on her back
    .i hope she is happy where ever she is

  7. kusum says:

    Beautifully expressed sentiments for your Mom with deep sincerity and touching emotion.
    Lucky you, lucky Mom.

  8. rajdeep says:

    Very touching
    Loved it

  9. Viju says:

    Thanks Rajdeep

  10. parminder says:

    Beautifully expressed emotions for your Mother! Indeed, Mother’s love knows no bounds and whatever the age, she is always needed and her Blessings always felt.

  11. roma says:

    Its simply awsum n dilse….. No one can truly replace mothers luvv…

  12. Deepa Hemnani says:

    Good thoughts pendown so smoothly. touch thousands of soul. keep going…….

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