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My 6th chakra

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English Poetry

23 March 2013
I go out of the gate
Take 2 steps to the right
And soon enough, a
Sparrow flies
Across my forehead

Then I finish my work
And I come back to my house
And then I leave again
And when I have to go
Out of the gate
Yellow tempo
Is there parked at the gate
Blocking my way

The reason I put this
In the form of the poem
Is because,
It is the law of equation
At work
Sparrow flies = Yellow tempo = 161
I fail to see any law of attraction
That is so widely propounded
By the book “secret”
I also fail to see the law of karma
That is explained in the “Bhagvad Gita”
It has only been the “Law of Equation”
That is at work

The yellow tempo
Was in daylight
And I walked out
Of the other gate
And I crossed the road
And there was shade there
My intuitive chakra
Between the forehead
Is in danger of being destroyed
It is the chakra
Indigo in colour
That symbolises light

And the front page
Of the next days newspaper
The Times of India
As well as the Hindustan Times
Carries the advt. of the yellow metal
In the name of Kalyan Jewellers

Sparrow = 19 16 1 18 18 15 23 = 110
Flies = 6 12 9 5 19 = 51

Yellow = 25 5 12 12 15 23 = 92
Tempo = 20 5 13 16 15 = 69

110 + 51 = 92 + 69 = 161

Kalyan = 11 1 12 25 1 14 = 64
Jewellers = 10 5 23 5 12 12 5 18 19 = 109

Jewellers (109) + 1 man in the picture = 110 = sparrow

22 March 2013
When I come home at night
Using the lift
In the lobby near the lift
Two dried leaves are there
At some distance
And a white thread
Is also lying there
When I am about
To get into the lift
My left foot touches
The thread or the leaf
And I stop and back out
And do not enter the lift
And soon enough
A maid servant arrives
Wearing a white and violet dress
And she works on the 7th floor
And there are 7 chakras in the body
I let her go and I let the lift go
And when the lift comes down again
I get in and get down on the 6th floor
Where someone has thrown
A blue piece of paper
Or a blue coloured kachra
The correct order of the top 3 chakras
Out of the 7 chakras of the body
Are Violet-Indigo-Blue
My 6th chakra is being targetted
That is indigo in colour
And that symbolizes light

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