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Till The Mind Lives Without Fear

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English Poetry

Oh Lord! What is this world coming to?

Daily atrocities being committed

On three-month old (and even unborn) baby girls

And eighty-year old grannies, too.


Don’t these monsters have any shame

When treating women as game!

They spare not even their own kith and kin

Nor even their siblings and offspring.

Where is their conscience

Where are their morals

Don’t their hands tremble

Don’t their hearts bleed

When committing such heinous deeds?


In this land of Rama and Krishna,

Of Buddha and Gandhi

Where we revere Earth as our Mother

And pray to our Goddesses

For wisdom, wealth and strength

Why have protectors turned violators?

Why some so-called Godmen and leaders,

Brotherly and fatherly figures

Hesitate not

In killing the trust

Of their innocent followers?

Why have rulers turned abettors ?

Why do they turn a blind eye

Towards these aggressors?

Why don’t they instill

The fear of God

In these soulless perpetrators!

Why are these demons

Allowed to go scot free

And create hell for more women

At home and on the street?


It’s high time now that the system changed,

Societal mindsets and outlooks changed.

Time for women to pick up cudgels

To defend their honour and their selves

Till the spineless government and the courts

Ensure safety and justice for the womenfolk,

Till prejudice and bias totally disappear

And the mind lives totally without fear.


  1. siddhanathsingh says:

    thought provoking and timely poem

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    I suggested a lady to make changes in one of her books she was planning to publish and include one statement, “We regard Earth as our Mother”, in the standard III of CBSE textbook and I am pretty sure it is not implemented.

  3. kusum says:

    Very forcefully written statements with a sincere plea for change of attitude on personal and public level.
    Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan…

  4. parminder says:

    Indeed, brutality has taken the top rung and the state of feelings is sad. Don’t know when good sense will prevail. Pray to God it comes soon. Very forcefully written. Well done!

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