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IT did not start now!

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Coz it did not start now,
IT started when you celebrated, saying its a boy,
But consoled saying oh don’t worry it is a girl,
IT started when you said boys don’t cry, only girls do,
IT started when you said good girls don’t do that,
IT started when you gave boy a gun & sent out to play,
But left the girl staring at them in the house whole day,
IT started when she was just pretty, hot, good looking & nice
While he was smart, intelligent & wise,
IT started when you privileged the existence of one over the other,
IT started when boy became the bread winner & girl a burden,
IT started when you made her feel ashamed on menstruation,
And forbade her from visiting temples,
Like she was some abhorrent being,
IT started when you reproached her for going out late,
And speaking her mind,
IT started when you advised her to quietly change the route,
But did not help her defend her way,
IT started when you reprimanded her for wearing what she likes,
But did not fault his eye,
IT started when you exhibited her in front of potential suitors like an object in marriage market,
And when each & every part of her was judged, like she was a thing
And you carved out the nitty-gritty, like it was some business deal,
IT started when she was judged for what she had & what she brought, instead of what she was
IT started when you ignored the plight of all women, outside your society, & inside your house,
Turning a blind eye not knowing how rotten you were inside,
IT started when you typecast her as mother, sister, daughter & wife,
Fitting her into neat slots,
Leaving her humanity aside!
IT started then, IT did not start now!

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  1. kusum says:

    Very well put with strong powerful deeply felt sentiments.
    Problem is how to put an end to all the atrocities started against women..

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