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G A P & L O V E …!

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After every meditation session that I presently attend is read out some enlightening write  by selected spiritual masters.

A master described the hollow we feel often within of desolation  as a GAP which has to be properly addressed but which we try to fill with activities of entertainment verily unhealthy, sadly unwise alternatives which are only temporary perfunctory improper solutions to the main problem.

About LOVE, particularly divine love, being an entity pervading everything in life is but most misunderstood and hardly realized in its importance.

The acrostics are my attempts/response to put into words what I understood of the heard read writes …..


G   A    P ….!

Getting rid off this feeling within of void & disturbing desolation

Avoiding detrimental dubious solutions is practicing of systematic meditation

Providing the self an elegant road to fill this with overflowing delighting enthusiasm ….!


 L  O  V  E …!


Let’s know, it’s never ever out there

Our within has this divine entity flowering everywhere

Very fortunate we are when we can feel & capture it consciously

Every breath we take is because of it & we live in the world to always deliver it…. 


“ Vishvnand ”


  1. SN says:

    enlightening and engrossing,thanks.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    SN ji
    Thank you so very much for indeed your delighting appreciation

  3. kusum says:

    Lofty thoughts worth pondering upon and exercising.

  4. Bhupesh Gupta says:

    great translation of these marvelous thoughts into words.

  5. Vishvnand says:

    Thanks so very much indeed for your, as always, a very delighting comment of appreciation of the posting…

  6. Vishvnand says:

    Bhupesh Gupta
    The manner & content of your comment is a robust delighting encouragement & motivation. I thank you from my heart’s core.

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