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Role of a teacher

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English Poetry


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A child tends to adore a teacher
as the visible figure of
supreme being,
who has all answers
for his academic and spiritual
knowledge, queries and quest.
Then, the teacher is one who fulfils.

A child seeks a friend,
or a companion and a guide
in a teacher who
understands, interprets
and analyses the child’s gestures
and stands beside one, always,
in the pursuit of knowledge.

A teacher, apart from imparting
information and knowledge
uses all techniques and wisdom
to bring out the best
from the child with empathy
and endeavour at various levels
to leave a remarkable impression.

No one can be perfect, though,
in the art of teaching
and digging out the best
from the ward or student,
a teacher’s job
as the art of perfecting
and teaching has to go on.

Finally, when the teacher
leaves the job, to lead
a peaceful life, yearns
to cherish the intimate feelings
one shared with the pupils
through the rest of life
in a subtle way with propriety.



  1. rajendra sharma "vivek" says:

    This poem show teaching job is noble proffesion
    teachers life is educational spiritual dedication

  2. Vishvnand says:

    A very beautiful poem of what the teachers always desire & want to deliver
    A role that has been perhaps more noble than the child’s own mother and father
    That’s why when we remember our parents alongside are always some of our affectionate teachers

    Commends; Liked the poem and style of conveying the contents immensely…

  3. medhini says:

    Rajendra & Vishvji;
    Your profound words
    give great satisfaction
    and inspiration. Thank you.

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