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Turbulent sea

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English Poetry

Oh! Dear turbulent sea,
I can try vaguely
to identify my inner self
with you along the excited waves.

Agitation and mood swings
of yours are explicit
in your angry waves
as my unwarranted words
gestures and outbursts.

Unable to restrict
emotions and thoughts
we carry ourselves
to the shore, nearby
not aware of the embarrassment,
even harm or danger
it may cause and spread.



  1. Kusum Gokarn says:

    Very fine comparison of the human mind to the turbulent sea.
    One can also sit in poised calm and meditate on the deep peaceful centre of one’s heart & feel the deep calm centre of the sea.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem indeed of relating turbulence of our mind to the turbulence created by waves of the sea as also all the seen activities on the surface; often forgetting the profound peace & calm the Sea has at its center deep within.
    Liked the poem immensely
    While reading this poem, I got reminded of my poem “Like oceans are we….!” similar but which had got written in a different mood…

  3. kanchana says:

    Yes moreoften the easy option is to rush to the shore.fine thoughts woven into poet form.:)

  4. medhini says:

    @Kusumji, Vishvji & Kanchana;
    Thank you for reading and
    appreciative comments.

  5. Gion Gion says:

    nice idea of a conversation with the sea to externalize and analyze one’s thoughts.
    Good imagery. The storm surge of monsoon or tsunami,

  6. medhini says:

    Gion, Thanks so much
    for your good words and

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