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“My Choicest Counterparts”

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English Poetry

“My Choicest Counterparts”


Poetry (KAVITA) being name of my sole daughter,

So refrain from it is as grave as self-slaughter !

Lucky should I feel to gain momentum in p4poetry,

Which is a most convenient site of poetic joyetry* !

Almost every poet attempting poems in this forum,

May gain gaiety to so exalt its quorum and decorum !

Several are leading, guiding and inspiring poets there,

Who subscribe to this forum by their maximum share !

My such choicest counterparts are enumerated below,

Whose poetry particularly spreads all around to glow :

M/s Vishwanand, S.N. Singh, Gion Gion, Ramanlal Raniga,

Rajendra Sharma ‘vivek’, Apurv Bharat Gaglani, Sahil, etc., and

Mrs./Ms. Medhini, Jaspal Kaur, Kushum Gokharan, Sonal,

Anuradha, Radhika, Aditi, Purabi and the few more !

However, it may not be out of place to state that

M/s V.N. & S.N. Singh hold top-scoring bats,

So as to be undeniably indefatigable fat cats !

The former figures among founders of the forum,

Inspiring ever for passion of poetry ad valorem !


*Pardon ! ‘joyetry’ is a coined word just to suit the rhyme

                     under poetic licence ! 



  1. Gion Gion says:

    you innovator, you!
    “‘joyetry’ is a coined word just to suit the rhyme

    under poetic licence ! ” – a wonderful specie(now pardon my pun)
    You do me an honour to include me in this poem.
    You express something magnetic of this p4poetry community that I felt the very first time I logged on. Though our orbits may stray they are drawn back again to the Joyetry, Thank you.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Thank you very much for your fine poem on p4poetry & your counterparts at site friendly
    More so because you have mentioned amongst others my name prominently
    But since it comes immediately after our wordy battle on nuances of poetry
    I hope not it it is a case of “मुह में राम बगल में छुरी” 🙂
    Please take this joke lightly for everything is fair in love & war
    & we both are quite golden aged & in love for anything to let our happiness mar,
    I admit I am a fat cat not at p4poetry but by weight surely
    For my doctor wants I should shed quite some weight quickly 🙂

  3. kanchana says:

    hmm…I don’t seem to be on the list….

  4. Siddha Nath Singh says:

    महोदय मैं हिंदी में और सच कहूँ तो उर्दू से अलंकृत हिंदी में टूटी फूटी रचनाएँ करता हूँ, आप का बड़प्पन है कि आप ने मुझे पहचानने लायक समझा, यही बात हिंदी में कही गयी होती तो लज्ज़त और लिहाज ही कुछ और होता. आज कल छुरी रखने वालों की भरमार है सो अगर मुंह में राम भी रखा हो तो चलो कुछ तो गनीमत है.धन्यवाद और भूरि भूरि आभार.

    • kusumgokarn says:

      @Siddha Nath Singh,
      Elated to see my name in the gallery of p4p poets.
      Thanks a lot.
      Kusum Gokarn

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Siddha Nath Singh,
      सिद्ध कर दिया सिद्ध नाथ ने, उनकी शा’इरी में कितना है दम,
      शायर अनेकानेक हैं फिर भी इनको समझो नहीं किसी से कम !
      हम और तुम, तुम और हम इस मंच में लिखते रहते हरदम,
      नाचने या चलने से ही सुनाई दे सकती है घुँघरू की छमछम !
      सा रे ग म प ध नीं सा की पलट है सा नीं ध प म ग रे सा,
      शुद्ध रूप में इनको गाना ही लगता है मधुर मधुर मिश्री जैसा !
      इसी प्रकार है लिखना-पढ़ना, कहना-सुनना, तोलके बोलना,
      वो ही सिखलाता है कब कब बंद मुंह रखना और कब कब खोलना !

  5. आप जैसे वरिष्ठ साहित्यकार से निरंतर प्रेरणाए मिलती रहती है

  6. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Dear Ashwiniji

    Thank you for the honour of including my name in your elite list
    Nice poem on the p4 counterparts.
    Read it with pleasure.

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