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Indiscipline is a joke ….!

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Indiscipline is a joke ….!

An educated young man
penniless, hungry & in search of job,
Enters a fairly good restaurant
Merrily orders many tasty dishes
Enjoys food to his hearts content
& unable to pay when bill is presented
The owner comes to know
Fires his watchmen “Are you here only for show”
Beat the fellow hard & throw him out”

The man gets beaten and on the street thrown
Another man seeing this has compassion
Gives a hand and lifts that man to squarely stand
Asks Him what happened & about his hurt & pain
The beaten man says “It’s OK, I am fine “
“The pain is a small price for the food I enjoyed & dined”

Coolly the second man walks in to the restaurant
He also is educated & penniless & needs to dine
Hoping the treatment to him would also be the same
It is not known what the owner might do to this man ….!

We have smart party leaders hungry for votes
Merrily breaking election code offering sectarian sops
One gets away with reprimand and other thinks he should also so
The punishment is a joke; the party High Command’s reward is much more ….!

“ Vishvnand ”


  1. kanchana says:

    What an example !!!! :-)) Leaves me laughing for long…

  2. s c kakar says:

    disillusened !disgusted ! sad,tragic & true. unfortunately, this is our lot. one hopes against hope for things to improve but it is not to be. very well put together the frustrations one feels against the present set up. congratulations !

  3. s c kakar says:


  4. Aniruddha Vanage says:

    Well take on this issue. Very nice poem.
    Now a days, politics has become a serious activity for even the ordinary. For instance, a corporator who stands for election regularly, will then attempt to bring his children, wife and family in politics. Is this extravaganza even needed!?

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Aniruddha Vanage Thank you so much for your appreciation and considered comment.
      Really it feels like Politics in many cases today is a very lucrative family business run at a huge drain & expense to the nation’s public funds..

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