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English Poetry

“Someone known to me Introduced/Invented “Air Poetry”, which means the description of that Incident/situation where you were present watching & listening everything. So this is Just a Try to pen down one such Incident acknowledged by me……”


Winters Night, completely dark outside,

Sitting on the two corners of the bench,

Two Salesman were talking loudly,

Enjoying Tea & taking a sales ride.


One asked how much is your Target?

Other one replied, its 10 Lac this Month

Seems to be really cool as mine is 15 Lac,

I don’t know how the management has set?


Blue Eyed, shabby look, Hefty guy was keeping Eye,

Heard everything with a crooked smile

Planned to call his gang, many numbers he dialed,

A group arrived and started following up both the Guys.


Finding a lonely place, they attacked poor chaps,

Asked to give everything they had, keeping gun on their Head,

Recovered 2 Wrist Watches, a Bike, 1K bucks, and Duty Bags,

With Cruel thoughts one of them asked, where are those Lacs?


No replies, what to say,

‘Target’ has made them somebody’s “Target”

They were shivering, begging, and Pray,

Ruthless people killed them, moved on their Way.




  1. kusumgokarn says:

    Interesting story narrated in poetry form.
    Pun on the word ‘target’ well exemplified.

  2. pallawi says:

    good one again sir!!

  3. s.n.singh says:

    rather a chilling one.

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