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An innate wish & need….!

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An Innate wish & need….!

New fresh beautiful poems,
May our members always remain inspired to pen
& post at p4poetry for us to daily read. & scan
On variety of beautiful subjects they wish
May they be in Hindi or English
Is and has always been my hearty wish

To have time for reading them all
To comment on them on how I felt,
how they delighted me when them I read.
To compliment authors for nice posts & ideas inherent
truly encourage with comments so we all always are led
to bettering our skills & our passion for poetry we continually feed
is my hearts desire deep & has now also become my fervent need

May The Goddess of Poetry bless us keep
our devotion and inspiration for poetry ever upbeat
to maintain at p4poetry lively poetic activity & friendship
always excelling & progressing in lovely poetry’s kinship.
Are my fervent prayers to the Almighty even in my deep sleep….

Our p4poetry site has always been very active & fine,
Lets all pray this environment continues to excel & shine,
May God bless us to enjoy our passion, all inspiration & time
to comment on poems & also post to share new poems from time to time.
Such that there never is ever at our lovely site any lean time.

” Vishvnand “

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  1. medhini says:

    A lovely poem of inspiration as you
    often pen,Vishvji, to make the site
    exciting and attractive.

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