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End of the road 2

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English Poetry


When end comes
When there is no way more
When u cant go any further
No matter how desperate u are
Then u feel that what u gonna miss

Then u feel that u have done so much wrong
Then u feel that u have made everything a mess
Then u feel that u have made everything right
To make them cry
To make them sad who love u
To feel them waste who relied u
To feel them in loss who invested in u

Then suddenly u waana do
Thousand and one things
Then suddenly u see
Your whole life and knowledge
Is going to be waste
Then u realise that
World is going to miss a talent
And u are going to miss this world

But the futality of effort comes here
U cant do a thing
U cant prevent your death
U cant make it right

Time is up
And I complian
To the existence
That u have given me so less
And u r taking from this world
Sooo much

God help my soul
I don’t know that I should
Ask salvation or I should remain here
With my loved ones
To help them when
They need me most

God knows
What is correct
Is this correct that
I help them in extraordinary manner
By my ghoostly powers
Or lest I should rest in peace

God knows only that
What I will do
When I will be dead

But God I do not wanna meet u
I donot wanna see you
You have pained me deeply
U have hurted me most
U have made me cry
Tears of blood

I would rather till eternity
Move alone in darkness
Then to embrace your light
Rather to swallow holy water
I would die with thrist

Forgive me my lord
If I have offended u
As still my open hands ask
My life back
I know u can do that
I know u have power
But I fear that
U are made of stone

U follow rules
U are interested in bussiness
U will not understand my pain
I feel
I feel

U are no more


  1. Vishvnand says:

    At Diwali time to post a poem of such intensely negative emotions shows some dangerous disorder in wrongly interpreting whatever are the happenings and needs a new holistic manner of looking at the same things differently with infusion of positive thoughts and discussing your feelings and thoughts with your close friends which you must do to pen the same poem differently….

    The thinking that things are so bad including The Almighty God are always very wrong exaggerations of our own mind in a very bad mood in which we do not have access to our own wisdom.

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    But I am with you, says God
    You see me often and I see you

    It is not me that causes pain
    There are people upon this earth
    That have caused imbalance
    And makes you negative
    They feed on your negative thoughts
    So drive these thoughts away

    It is not me that has hurt you
    It is your karmas that you have borne
    Or it may well be that your karmas are clean
    Some fresh evil karmas of some wicked folk
    Has caught you and got you in

    It is not me that has made you cry
    Remember me at your worst times
    And you shall gather the strength
    To wipe your own tears

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