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Plastic tabla.

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Threads of lace enclosing holes,
Snagging questions in curtain folds.

Characters snake across the page,
That even coil around the sage.

Sterile silk stitching hearts,
Dead ink tattooing body parts.

Borders hung upon a wall,
As glue decays watch them fall.

Filigree beyond silver and gold,
On mind and eye and ear lays hold.

Across the plastic padded tabla slip,
Fingers playing to syncing lips.




                                                                                                                                                                     ©Copyright Fergus Carty 2011


  1. kusumgokarn says:

    Unusual imagery & wide stretch of imagination .

    • Gion Gion says:

      Good evening Kusum, thanks for the comment.
      The plastic padded tabla is the computer keyboard.
      Each verse is a simile for writing and expression.
      Imagine the imagery as fine lettering and complex language and what people try to say and are really saying or leave unsaid or questions unanswered.
      This poem was inspired by all the people here at p4poetry and their varied and interesting poems,

  2. Ulhas Kavle says:

    Agree with the earlier comment, it is a deep wide spread imagination. Language is complex, but still it was a good brain teaser.

    For poem = 10/10

  3. Vishvnand says:

    A difficult poem with a little explanation
    turns into a fantastic one in creation
    is this example of a poem of commendation
    Thank you & Hearty Kudos..

  4. hi
    IT was difficult to decipher you were comparing a laptop to
    a tabla.My impression was you were speaking of toy tablas sold at fairs ,which have images carved on them but the last couplet didn’t fit.One gets the connection after reading the explanation .The comparison becomes apt.Liked the lines ‘Borders hung upon a wall // as the glue decays ,watch them fall’.

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