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Morning blues…

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English Poetry

Wake up dreamy eyed,
Hair unkempt and unruffled.
Taking care not to awaken my child’s sleep,
As she dreams on about the day gone by in play.

The cold shower over my head 
The bond of cleanliness with water I share.
Pat myself dry of all little dewy drops,
Fresh I come out to once again live another day.

Go to the kitchen and prepare to make a coffee and,
As I stir the concoction I smell the grandeur of coffee 
For the first time it’s true essence and beauty,
Crushed beans from somewhere overpowers truly.

I look out at the dark distant horizon,
Dimly lit with dispersed buildings standing quiet.
I hear a distant whistle – assurance that duty is on,
And I see a lone figure doing his rounds as always.

Then I realize that I am not the only one,
There’s the chauffeur who’s yet to arrive.
The guard at the entry point due to call,
And the numerous trucks on the highway yet to be seen.

At this moment, there are millions on the go,
To sustain, to survive, to live and to just go on.
I am just perhaps a little less than a drop,
In the abyss of life that’s filled with water called Sea.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Enticing morning & style of deliberating
    Liked immensely the poem and its elegant penning
    Such are indeed the blues most mornings…
    Hearty commends
    & hearty welcome back…

  2. medhini says:

    Glad to see you here again, Krishna.
    Beautiful poem.

  3. aniruddha234 says:

    Very realistic. Enjoyed the read.

  4. ULHAS says:

    Krishna, a true poem factory…………I cannot imagine somebody writing about getting up and having coffee and thinking about work and then the road and the trucks…….

    Simply great……

    For the thoughts – 10/10

    For the poem – 10/10

  5. krishna says:

    Thank you Ulhasji,Medhiniji,aniruddha and Vishvnandji…

  6. Gion Gion says:

    read it a few time to really appreciate the feel of it.
    Early morning starts, sleeping children and the mere smell of fresh coffee, I could relate to…memories.
    From the internal, intimate to the external and the broad sweep of the ocean in a matter of minutes – realization of the commonality of worries and problems. Yet we continue to strive on.
    There is something about the early morning hours, sights and sounds, ideas seem sharper, clearer, more in focus, even briefly.

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