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Poets of the Night

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English Poetry

The last night’s possessions
Are never lost and done.
There are drunk poets
By dozens and one,
Who’d happily drink from her brimming cup!

“One man up is another down”,
“Hurrah! Hurrah!”, they cried such,
“One man king is next one clown”,
“It never did account for much!”.

Such lyrics whiny, like roaches tiny,
Scurried away from the poets’ beers;
Still others left, to smell the clefts,
Of someone’s memories from yesteryears.

The poets fled to distant woods;
Perched on trees they are still heard
Succumbing to their common dream,
Where everyone is a bird.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Please please this is a site to share your poems with not only equal but better poems of better author members at site and a place to respect your own poems as also respect poems of other authors at site.
    It is therefore very improper to as if dump your poems in the lots as you seem to have assumed, without getting acquainted with or observing the antiquate at site in this connection.
    Authors don’t post more than 2 or at the most 3 of their poems in a day and there are valid reasons for the same in the interest of their own poems and those of others.

    Please refer to the following thread at the forum,


  2. medhini says:

    Very nice poem,Sourabh.
    Pls do read your friends’ poems
    and write comments.

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