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Oh! The hospitalization ….!

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Oh! The hospitalization ….!

Oh! to get hospitalized these days is a big botheration
No doubt the severe bills are a real pain & cause of enough frustrations.
But a bigger problem is sustaining friends & relations causing commotion

When I happened to get hospitalized for some investigations
My close relative Ram came to meet me with great indignation
Questioned “How come I should know from Nakul about your hospitalization?
When I am more close to you and he is not even any of your relation
You not informing me I have felt as a very bad insult in this situation”

I said “Believe me, I didn’t inform any body about my hospitalization
My children got me examined by doctors & decided about this hospitalization
There is nothing serious I think it is only a routine investigation
They phoned doctor relations, hospitals & friends where they needed help in the situation
It is possible that Nakul phoned & accidentally came to know of my hospitalization.

Ram was not satisfied & asked me “Now, tell me your problem & investigation?”
Oh my God again to repeat the same story would make me mad in the situation
Luckily my doctor friend just entered the room & I passed on Ram to him.
I felt it was better to record the story and play it as a tape to all visitors’ questions

There are with me (& should be with you too) many stories of relations causing commotion
But you are duty bound to inform all relations & friends about your hospitalization
As if it is some sort of a commendation, how it helps you is not of any consequence
Not to inform the relatives and friends of your hospitalization though is commonsense
But you having to do lot of explaining later for the omission does affect your recuperation.
This is indeed what they rightly call a Catch 22 situation…..



  1. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Hospitalization is well worth the description given. Maintaining relationships and keeping everyone happy even at the time of hospitalization is really tough, and there are people who feel bad and hurt at not being informed. All these things are brought out very nicely in this poem.

  2. jaspal kaur says:

    I totally agree with you sir. It is also the experience I have myself gone through. I totally agree with the Comment by Apurva Bharat Gaglani.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @jaspal kaur
      Thanks very much for your comment.
      Today I have posted another one on my visit to then a posh Hospital, years ago to inquire about welfare of an elderly rich acquaintance.

  3. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Splendid punctuation of the commonly sustained situation !
    Deserves 5* * * * * without hesitation !
    By the way a couple corrections are suggestive, if you agree:
    i) “problem’ instead of ‘problems’ or ‘are’ instead of ‘is’ in the
    3rd line of poem;
    ii) “routine” instead of ‘routing’ in the 34d line of 3rd stanza.

    • kusumgokarn says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami,
      True. Too much concern can also become cloying and annoying!

    • Vishvnand says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami
      Thanks indeed so very much for your comments, stars and going through the write minutely.
      I had earlier written “But more problem is sustaining friends & relations causing commotion” but spelling & grammar checking repeatedly advised me to make is as are. I could not know what was correct. 🙂
      Now I replaced more with “a bigger” and the checker has accepted “is” also which is in line with your suggested correction. ‘routing’ has been corrected to “routine”. Thanks again for your advice.

  4. Gion Gion says:

    life my dear friend is full of routines – first is to please everyone 🙂
    When we do not tell about hospital it is usually emergency or not wanting to worry people….but either way when people find out many get “hospitalized” to your bedside to tell how upset or worried they are that you did not tell them more than that you are in hostpital ,

  5. vijay says:

    This bother about any hospitalization
    In our Indian culture’s own creation
    We love to show our concern as a nation
    Leading to the patients/relative’s frustration
    It can last from minutes to long duration
    Sending the person’s head into gyration
    Him, probably praying for a migration
    Never to be put back into this situation

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