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dear friend

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English Poetry
life is progressive.. it’ll give u lift,
its full of treasures,will give many gifts.
priorities will change, shift after shift,
but I’ll be there, in your friend-list.
many will come and many will go,
season will change,memories will blow,
but one thing about which i m very sure..
that whenever you’ll think of us, Ur face will glow..


  1. Gion Gion says:

    good subtle rhymes that enhance the flow of words. Lovely sentiments expressed in an almost playful use of imagery.
    “priorities will change, shift after shift,” – moving up a gear or slogging it out?
    “in your friend-list.” – a nice nod to social media.
    “season will change,memories will blow,” – good linkage.
    As to presentation? – if you are not using capital letters at line starts it would look and read better if you do not use punctuation marks. Let the line ending be the punctuation. Also txt does not enhance the lines IMO 🙂
    This well written and thought poem for a fine sentiment,

  2. mattbugno says:

    Hi Abhinav,
    I enjoyed how you place the fact to the dear friend to heed “its full of treasures,will give many gifts” as each person needs to understand the truth of this small statement.
    I found this very whimsical and of great sing-song when read aloud to myself. This poem could be the basis of a song if set to music.
    Now each time I think of you, I will smile.

  3. abhinav says:

    hey thanx mattbungo.. its a gr8 honor that you’ll smile while thinking of me. 🙂 thanx that you understand the way i thought.

  4. abhinav says:

    thanx gion gion..
    thanx for praise.I’ll keep ur suggestions in mind for next poetry..

  5. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Nice simple poem with rhymes.

  6. abhinav says:

    thank u Apurva Bharat Gaglani

  7. medhini says:

    Very fine poem, Abhinav.
    Font size can be made a bit
    smaller if you don’t mind.

    • mattbugno says:

      @medhini, Medhini,
      I am not sure, but I think the font size was a bow to the simplicity of youth culture and the new habit of texting from a mobile. I may be wrong but I felt today’s culture of youth within the reading at the font level given. It added a simplicity to the poem.
      RSVP if you think this may have been possible on second review.

      • abhinav says:

        @mattbugno, you are very right mattbugno… this is the impact of texting from mobile.. I think it is easy to connect with a familiar way of writing.Its my very personal opinion.

  8. Moni says:

    Superb poem
    discribed friendship very well

  9. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem on Friend
    Everyone to be one like this one…..
    Hearty commends, friend.

  10. abhinav says:

    @Moni thank u very much dear frnd…

  11. abhinav says:

    Vishvanad ji after my first poem I always waits for ur comments whenever i post any poetry.. thanx for support

  12. abhishek says:

    very nice attempt abhinav. keep it up.

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