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English Poetry, May 2011 Contest

Slowly, stealthily,with dancing feet , she crept,

as I, deeply, slept .

This tantalizing, tempting creature

of majestic, magnetic features.

She nestled in my breast

and settled down to rest.

She laid in wait at mind’s floodgates.

She had sallied  in, to put asunder

all love knots in the heart and to plunder.

Some called her Black Hate

– Satan’s brutal friend,

seeking vile means to vile ends

at opportune moments .


Like a dramatist ,

she preyed upon the entrails

knifed, with tribulations and trials .

She ,smugly plotted her schemes

with varied twists and turns .

She planted many thorny ferns ,

clenched her fists  and mangled my wrists.

She caused much unease… this danseuse of disease,

Swirling in devilish designs on the weary heart of mine .

Woebegone! in this notorious phase of distaste and disgrace,

Love , walked in and gave chase .

Lo! its spotlight shone,Hate, she was gone !!!!

She had reigned with an iron whip,unbridled ….

She had lost her grip,

was betrayed, blighted and severely slighted .

Then ,she fled in a speedy flight .

Alone, in my pious state,

I, entered the painless aura benign

of sanguine light ,divine ……



  1. Gion Gion says:

    nice structure with the verse mirroring states of awareness.
    (woebegone and lo) – unusual but I think I may have used lo myself.
    “Like a dramatist ,
    she preyed upon the entrails” – loved this image, obsessive persistence.
    May I make 2 suggestions?
    “Then ,she sped in a speedy flight . – “sped” change to fled

    Alone, in my pious state,” – “pious” change to chastened,

    • SARALA says:

      @Gion Gion,
      Always the first with encouragement and comments. Yes ,of course , I welcome suggestions . I will replace sped with fled but I am retaining ‘pious’, because love brings in a sense of prayer and awe. The old English just drives in.
      Thanks a million

  2. medhini says:

    A beautiful poem indeed,Sarala,
    though I didn’t understand the
    implications fully.

  3. ~HIRAL~ says:

    nice imagery, i loved reading it

  4. TulsiRamS( BusyB) says:

    sarala, I cant restrain myself appreciating your purity out pouring with essence of eternal bliss through gravitating nature truely leading to blissful joy. Further May I add that I can feel your big round eyes with laugh stocked face. abliss and Bless are yours for ever and ever. BusyB

  5. ulhas Kavle says:

    Just beautiful……..what else can I say……….majestic is another word. I just loved it.

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