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Five Trees – Cúig Crainn.

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Gan Ainm.


Unnamed – the gnarled host to nuisance bees,

It seemed always a bloody stump to me.

Belatedly cut down to the ground,

One day it’s rotten roots disinterred.


An Draiġean.


The Blackthorn – in the corner always ugly, stunted.,

Stuck right up against new block and old stone.

Hacked and burned bit by bit over the years.


An Learóg Óga.


The Young Larch – its branches reaching down to children,

But odd and weeping sticky sap. Rarely climbed.

One day crowned and pruned to a mere mast.

Vainly trying to prove something, wasted time.


An Bei Bán.


The Silver Birch – The tree. Stout, strong. Big.

Frame for the imagined, illusive tree house.

Selfless provider of parallel bars, sawn off.

Rough bark – small toe-holds,

Thick branches – to shin up gingerly,

Higher, higher, to sit on swaying boughs,

Amidst leaves on white velvet stems.

Without a view or sheltered, secluded?

Yet always leaned too much,

Destined to be mutilated and burned.


An Poplar.


The Poplar – schoolboy’s pride.

Landmark for the homeward bound.

So long under the threat of,

Neighbours and itinerant tree surgeons.

That day I grasped the hatchet in my hand,

And hacked through and tore away its ivy bonds.

Tall, lone, serene. Free again it thrived,

Through those farewells of many days.



© Copyright Fergus Carty 2011


  1. SARALA says:

    Gion Gion ,
    I believe your theme here is uprooting of all that is valued and treasured . The trees are symbols of the uprooting
    and each uprooting leaves a wound and feels like a waste .
    Loved the last four lines

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Yes I was also intrigued reading the poem till reading Sarala’s interpretation, but somewhere in this beautifully penned poem, I don’t know how, but this sinister uprooting of nature & it’s wealth symbolized by ill treatment to trees should get strongly evident. That’s just my personal feeling.

    • Gion Gion says:

      this is a personal recounting but you are also correct in seeing vibrations or harmonics of the theme in the wider world.
      However, let me pose the view of the conflicts between the exploitation of trees(Nature) and the use of trees(Nature).
      The titles in the post were chosen for their beauty(inspired by the Hindi I see on this site) and represent the break from the past in a visual way.

  3. Talon says:

    Trees…they have so much to share, so much to teach us…these were beautiful. I’m partial to the birch, though they tend to not live as long as others.

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