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“Re-toasting stale cakes”

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Apr 2011 Contest, English Poetry

“”Re-toasting stale cakes”


Exhibiting his puritanism, recently appeared-Anna Hazare,

To tantalize people to unite for the anti-corruption bizzare !

The people, as usual,  well gathered assuring their support,

Expressing the gravamen of their such suppressed retort !

The episode well lionized Anna for fighting out corruption,

Which can end by a force not less than a volcanic eruption !

Corruption is an invincible Demon, as ever proved in the past,

Hence, any fight against it will be fallible, as we may forecast !

Anna felt content under assured support for ensuing Lokpal Bill,

Which, too, is just ephemeral euphoria to calm our wish and will !

The only weapon to quash corruption lies in our own irony hands,

As basically we all are impliedly indulged to encourage evil trends !

Self-interest works in us all on our every day-to-day drudgery,

To fulfill that most of us hardly refrain from workable bribery !

Such scenario is well evinced in a number of Public Departments,

Like Administration, Anti-drugs, Election, Excise, Forest, Health,

Industries, Judiciary, Law, Municipality, Narcotics, PWD, Police,

Revenue, Taxation, Veterinary, Workshops etc., noted apartments !

All spots are occupied by the people, for the people, of the people,

Giver and taker of hush-money compromise blinking their pupil !

Thus all of us are directly or indirectly involved to share the booty,

Any bizzare entity can thus hardly succeed in one’s puritanic duty !

Contrarily, all such clean-slate puritans seem to the rich an eye-sore,

Hence, they may anytime be calmed down to clamour not any more !

Such campaigns are ever understood as if re-toasting stale cakes,

When there is left no stuff and time to prefer their fresh makes !

What maxium possible may be that Anna may be seated as Lokpal,

In case such ensuing Bill is enacted to promulgate pronto to install !

Even the Almighty God has never appeared to eradicate corruption,

Which has ever been stretching its feathers with no any interruption !

Being ever busy in controlling stars, planets in innumerable galaxies,

He founded hades, hells and heavens to deal misdeeds and maladies !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem of some different content
    but the intent & conclusion I completely dissent

    Unless there is strong opposition to corruption & corrupt individuals
    Nation will be going down the drain by machinations of guilty manipulators
    Under the situation Hazare ji & his initiated movement is not bizarre
    but most appropriate under the unholy situation & has to be respected with honor & care
    The young generation will now unite come forward and teach all corrupt proper lessons
    For heaven’s sake let not there be in bringing quickly a strong Lokpall Bill any two opinions

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, Methinks, it’s
      first time I feel that you have not deciphered the gist of poem
      appropriately. Anna Hazare is nodoubt puritanically pure and
      I am also solemnly pro-Hazare and feel much happy to see
      people having gathered in lots in his support. We people also
      gather in lots in temples, mosques, churches and shrines also
      during pilgrimage, but the enthusiasm remains ever ephemeral.
      Returning home, most of people indulge again in the inert intent of
      selfishness, self-interest, envy, animus, dishonesty, money-
      mongering, augmentation of property and wealth etc., which
      are the invincible demons. So many idols of honesty have
      been seen clamouring off and on in our country against the
      devil of corruption and result has ever been zero despite
      the establishment of anti-corruption department. Being
      oneself honest has no worth if one endures dishonesty and
      corruption in the arena of governance and/or business
      under one’s own control. Dignitaries like Mahatma Gandhi,
      J.L.Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, M.M.Singh, Atal
      Behari Vajpaiyee etc., were also known for clean-slate and
      honesty and the element of anti-corruption has often been
      in the agenda and manifesto of their party, but only as a
      part of winning mandate in electioneering. Could anybody
      eradicate corruption ? Not at all, because we people who
      gather in support for any such campaign are ourselves
      indulged or be indulged directly and indirectly to share the
      booty ourselves or via our kith and kin attached to the
      noted corrupt apartments enumerated in the poem. What
      is needed is only that we ought to have created instincts,
      courage and dogged determination to give up selfishness
      and self interest puritanically before and after participating
      in anti-corruption drives, holy pilgrimages and attending
      holy godly temples, mosques, churches and shrines by
      taking an honest and inert oath therefor. Moral of the poem
      is ultimately that the people themselves are responsible to
      augment corruption because of selfishness and self-interest,
      which are ever undeniable and unforgiveable.
      Conclusively, all such scenario seems like re-toasting stale cakes !

      • Vishvnand says:

        @ashwini kumar goswami
        In this reply you have toned down the observation from what was emphatically explicit in your poem.
        What you say may be true to much extent but the magnitude of corruption is so vast and detrimental; that some forceful revolutionary action is the need today to bring it down substantially and Anna Hazare ji has initiated that action at great risk to his person & life; and as luck would have it people and particularly young generation have rallied behing him in great nos. for this important cause Whatever the further results of the movement, I personally feel that the sanctity & support for the movement should not be undermined by well meaning persons in any manner.
        And in this context the following lines in your poem I felt hurtful hence the descent. I therefore in politeness commented the way I did.
        “Any Hazare or bizzare cannot thus succeed in their puritanic duty !
        Contrarily, all such clean-slate puritans cause a public eye-sore,”
        Such campaigns are ever understood as if re-toasting stale cakes,
        When there is left no stuff and time to prefer their fresh makes !
        What maxium possible may be that Anna be enthroned as Lokpal,
        In case such ensuing Bill is enacted to promulgate pronto to install !”
        I did well understand & deciphered the gist of your posting in this instance but possibly was not able to properly convey my feelings/retort on its content.

        • ashwini kumar goswami says:

          @Vishvnand, I think the gist
          of the poem and my explanation on your observations shall
          ever stand in controversy. So better we chatter the matter without further scatter until its outcome later !
          However, to say succinctly that corruption in the status quo shall remain irremediable, as we people can’t
          intrude into ourselves the instincts of repugnant refrain from selfishness and self interest involved.
          Let’s see what happens, as I can’t explain any more and what maximum I can do I can delete the poem
          from this site if it is felt irksome and if you so like ! It’s no use beating about the bush ! Notwithstanding,
          I have, however, re-edited the poem slightly as deemed fit, which please re-visit, Sir !

          • Vishvnand says:

            @ashwini kumar goswami,
            Although it was not at all necessary nor my intention, I do however appreciate the changes you have incorporated in the poem.

            It is not necessary that on any issue there have to be agreement or complimentary views and this is a forum to express our views in poems and comments freely, politely and frankly. We can differ in our opinions & it is perfectly alright.
            I agree that greed & temptation is a human failing in possibly all human beings but our culture & morals teach us to keep it under proper control.
            The scene today in India is that the level of corruption in all sectors & levels has exceeded a never before level. Knowing that it can not be eliminated 100% the necessary struggle is to bring it down substantially at least at the Highest level of power so that
            the common man does not have to bear the brunt of it and the movement for this had to start somewhere. Anna Hazare has done it and according to me deserves revered commendation irrespective of where the movement may lead to.. Your opinion can be same or different I duly realize.

  2. ~HIRAL~ says:

    Well all i want to say is we can drive out corruption… The young generations surely can… The spy cams… Sting operations… New technologies…
    Be optimistic sir… Though i some how agree to ur poem to some extent… But thats not totally true… Perceptions do change from person to person…
    Hope u dont take it wrong way…
    But a really good effort to build an image… 🙂

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @~HIRAL~, In the poem, the
      pessimistic view is based on our history of all time as well as
      current efforts to fight out corruption. The demons of corruption have ever been proliferating, the more we fight the more these demons increase in number like “RAKTBEEJ” ! Every now and then scams and scandals are brought to light and huge money and longest time is wasted in their upkeep and enquiry under the labyrinthine lanes of legal process/litigation and even after apprehending the culprits, they are kept behind the bars where they are preserved
      with elite facilities. To be optimistic is a mere fallacy, as
      everybody, less or more, is ever optimist-turned-pessimist
      when the outcome of every such fight is neglible or nil.

  3. renukakkar says:

    poem is good but we must not forget that there are honest people also in government…who, for their honesty, are shifted / transferred to other quieter places.
    similarly, there are people amongst the youth who would come forward to take up leadership by forming a new party…all retired persons can take a lead in this as they have the experience. Incidently, Times of India had held a Lead India contest, where are the winners?? A new party was to be formed what happened?? ( I had also applied but my application was not considered as i was over 45 that time) which made me think they were promoting their own people…..

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @renukakkar, Thanks ! Let’s
      go on reading dailies which are ever highlighting scams and
      scandals despite strong anti-corruption campaigns supported
      by sizeable gathering. I agree that it’s only the youth who can
      indulge with swords drawn to create renaissance among the
      people in general to be honest and enthusiastic. But can we
      think of dissolving the apartments/departments flourishing
      corruption by sharing booty of hush-money, commission, marginal money, bribery etc. ? No, not at all ! Infeasible at all !

  4. sudha goel says:

    I like the title of the poem.
    sudha goel

  5. medhini says:

    This poem may be a hot cake too, Ashwinji.

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @medhini, Thanks, Madam !
      Corruption is selling like hot cakes, too ! Corrupt people thus enjoy it everyway !
      Anna Hazare unquestionably bears a moral spotless career/character as may
      be evinced through reminiscence of his 40 years ever-struggling philanthropic
      efforts/clamours ever with sizeable support of vox populi, including his 15 years
      tenure of a patriotic army soldier having put in indefatigable endeavours during
      battles/wars of 1962,1965 and 1971, en effect, a clean-slate character hardly
      ever felt washable. His effort is yet incessant with major support and would no
      doubt yield any available fruit. My poem envisages and highlights the outcome,
      whatsoever, thereof, particularly highlighting the channels of corruption, which
      cannot be washed out until or unless we people ourselves give up selfishness
      and/or self-interest honestly to dissuade give-and-take of hush money, bribery
      and commission, of which the both giver and taker are among we people ourselves,
      save very few puritanically honest persons, to share the booty directly or indirectly !
      My mere apathy is that I am afraid of any fate & fatality like that of Mahatma Gandhi,
      Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, if and when any such honest entity is felt an eye-sore
      to the top corrupt circle ! I feel, manifestation of any “DURGA” & ‘KALI” could only quash the
      invincible Demon titled “CORRUPTION” working like “RAKTBEEJ”, by applying
      rigorous punitve whips, as was done by “INDIRA GANDHI” !

  6. Gion Gion says:

    a jaundiced eyes has scanned situation.
    It seems ever true that corruption must be tackled from within probably more than from without. Law is not so sturdy a staff as Morality or Ethics,

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