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Anti Corruption

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Apr 2011 Contest, English Poetry

Tell me guys…

Are we so coward !!,
Or we have no shame..!!!
Do we really care,
To ever take this blame ?,

We have adapted ourselves,
So well, in this corrupted place,
That vicious cycle moves on,
But we lack the guts to face…

We say “corruption chokes”,
Then why do we breathe it ?,
We say “corruption kills”,
Then why do we breed it ?,

Corruption helps,
To set the culprits free,
It blindfolds the law,
& still we shamely see,

It widens the gap,
Of poor and rich,
Still we continue the same,
Without any hitch… ?

Somehow i feel…

Our coward mind has,
Hurled down his brain,
Come what may,
Even let our money drain…

And this has become,
Our way of life…
To adjust, without showing,
the signs of strife

And so we just keep moving on,
Without a break to re-think, Re-construct, and reform our Corrugated minds…

Is it that no business runs without it ?,
Or is it that who’s gonna care !!!,
Dont you wanna put an end to it.. ?
Or is it that you dont dare !!!

Many questions in these little brain, And almost all unanswered….

Hope to find answers soon….

So please support those,
Who have tried/attempted to erode it from roots,
Some greatones like Anna Hazare.

If any problem contact to
Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra,
1st Floor, Madhu Industrial Estate,
Pandurang Budhakar Marg,
Worli, Mumbai 400 013
Tel: +91- 22 – 2492 1212

By fellow mumbaikar,
Hiral Soni 🙂 <3


  1. Vishvnand says:

    very good one
    Liked immensely.
    From corruption having presently become a way of life in India we have to revolt to drive corruption out of the way of life of polity & people of India, and the movement of driving the corruption and corrupt people way out from life in India is no less a struggle than the struggle that was for our Swaraj

  2. renukakkar says:

    good poem..i liked..the bakashish aspect servives from the british india company dayshasbecome bigger and bigger..the bakashis seekers are now sitting at top most levels along with politicians…they are never satisfied with little bakashish…corruption is from the top and perculated downwards….yes good politicians and bureaucrats are also there but very few in number…

  3. viju says:

    very well said, in plain simple words. kudos

  4. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Congrats for this praiseworthy presentation deserving 4* * * * at
    the least ! However, I wish you read my parallel English poem
    “Re-toasting stale cakes” posted of late and ink observations !

  5. Gion Gion says:

    the style is great for the topic. The questions never let up, they keep on coming. The tone is inclusive, collective – it is our problem, affects us all, what are we going to do about it where big and small?
    “We say corruption chokes,
    Then why we breathe it ?,
    We say corruption kills,
    Then why we breed it ?,” – a good working of (breathe and breed)
    This line is outstanding –
    “And move on, Without a break to re-think, Re-construct, and reform our Corrugated minds…” – Corrugated – undulating, uneven, bent, rumpled, crooked, distorted and looks similar to Corruption – brilliant choice of word,

  6. Manya says:

    It’s jus outta d wrld…!!! Awesm… N reely true..!!!

  7. mennu says:

    amazing poem i luv this poem

  8. yuvraj says:

    hey hiral..that one of the amazing inspiring poem f urs
    keep it up….
    n make us proud of our friend

  9. Sakshi says:

    it is really nice to read a poem full of enthusiasm like this. hope this will make people a more aware…
    plz fight against CORRUPTION…

  10. muskan mehra says:

    i like it very much as it has much sense

  11. ananya srivastava says:

    acchi poem thi yar mujhe skul me poem submit karani thi maine yehi de di nd i got a1 thnx!!!

  12. sumbul raza says:

    such an awesome poem which inspired us a lot …………………..

  13. nidhi says:

    nic poem based on reality

  14. Dr. Garima Jain says:

    very very inspiring poem . I will make my son recite this poem for recitation competition in school. don’t ever quit. continue writing such inspirational poetries in future

    • ~HIRAL~ says:

      @Dr. Garima Jain, Thank you so much Doc. Garima.. Its really pleasure to hear this praiseful words from u.. It makes me feel so happy.. An artist just needs a pat on his back and he can do wonders.. 🙂 thank u once again.. And i am sure ur son wud score A1 in recitation competition.. 🙂

  15. Dr. Garima Jain says:

    Good work Keep it up!!!

  16. Annie Cruise says:

    what a poem sir i really liked your awesome poetry
    you are genius sir!!!!

  17. Usha Taneja says:

    I am really happy that there is someone who can understand that where is our ‘INDIA’ going…

    Sometimes I thought that our India would never be free from this termite – CORRUPTION…
    But if everyone will take a pledge , to make our India corruption free , So one will think 100 of times to interfere in these conditions…

    But keep writing poems , kabhi na kabhi to aapki poems par kar log sudhrenge…
    Thanks Hiral,

  18. Deepthi says:

    Very nice poem keep it up

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