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Apr 2011 Contest, English Poetry

He is a simple, rustic man.

His detractors call him a naive man.

To root out corruption he has a simple plan .

He hopes to disrupt

the misuse of public funds  by the corrupt ,


The LokPal Bill is his magic wand , his placebo

To put royal corrupters on the death row .


Sporting  a Gandhi cap ,

he fasted and tapped,

the groundswell of citizens’ anger,

with power packed, poised languor.

He gave a loud clarion call,

the young Indians answered , one and all.


In this holy land of million scams;

there is scope for a fashionable ramp ,

with more than enough room

for thousand Anna  Hazares to bloom.


  1. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Nicely drafted poem lionizing Anna Hazare ! The ire and fire
    against corruption is ever occupying place in the heart & sole
    of people, but always a ‘great cry and little wool’ as also a ‘late
    try to heat the cool’ ! The simultaneous need is the priority to
    high light channels and sources of corruption in the areas or
    arenas of administration, politics, business and lucrative
    departments like P.W.D./Taxation/Transport/Tenders/Customs &
    Excise/Police/Revenue/Export-Import/License/&c., where the
    stigma of ‘भ्रष्टाचार’ is being taken for ‘शिष्टाचार’, so as to add to
    the manifesto before ‘लोकपाल’ as and when he comes into being.

  2. kusumgokarn says:

    Anna is fighting corruption at the top level of bureacracy .
    But it is so difficult to curb it at lower levels where it has sneaked into almost every small dept of the govt. .The rich and mighty pay and get away .Its the middle class and the poor who are crushed under the uncontrollable weight of Corruption.Wonder how we can root out this evil bane on our society.

    • SARALA says:

      HI Kusum ,
      he hopes to uproot corruption as if it is one big tree but it is very cumbersome job , needs thousand hazares . Lokpal bill is like a placebo— can’t stop the disease but can ease the pain .

  3. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Corruption is a booty being shared between two entities – giver
    and taker. Methinks, the more defaulter be the giver and less
    the taker. Major role of giver is attributable to the public and
    as such we people have got to initiate ardent reluctance to
    offer enticing money or matter with the endurance of whatever
    the repercussions it may entail. The taker being thus empty-
    handed shall have no alternative but to do whatever his duty needs, for which the Government or any authority must have
    to envisage grave punitive action for deviation from duty or
    dutilessness !

    • @ashwini kumar goswami
      Yes , Sir,
      The giver has to be disciplined so that the receiver may be shamed into not demanding . It calls for courage of convictions . Do all standing behind Hazare have some ? Do those standing against him have any ? Vital questions , no answers ..When I point one finger at you , three point towards me . therefore the title hazardous .
      sarala ,

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