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English Poetry


Its almost three years being here,

but we don’t want this to come so near.

Off course we have an unknown fear,

like we are sheep, ready to shear

It would not be easy to forget,

All those moments we spent here.

Few were good, few were bad,

Few were ‘what’, still unclear.

Teachers were always keen, to teach,

Like Sachin is keen, to score on pitch.

Long, long classes were used, to preach,

And believe me mostly went out of reach.

Tut sheets in bags were birds in the nest,

which comes out just, the day before test.

Quiz schedules were always on fly,

For us, it’s like ‘tomorrow never dies’.

But whatever here we have done so far,

Got an impression in deep our heart.

The picture of numerous shades of class,

has become a precious return in last.

And yes, the day is finaly here,

To say b’bye to all u dear,

The day with silent drop of tear,

with lots of superb moments to cheer.

We thank every teacher, we thank all staff.

We thank our classes with lots of stuffs.

We thank our juniors, for such tremendous greet.

We thank to this college, for such a great treat.  


  1. raman lal raniga says:

    Liked it very much

  2. Karunya says:

    A good effort.missing college days…

  3. Gion Gion says:

    nice take on end of college days….
    an your next topic please??
    Welcome to p4poetry,

  4. Vishvnand says:

    Liked the poem much.
    Lovely & very sweet on the subject.
    Welcome to p4poetry and look forward to more of your poems as also your active participation at site with comments & rating of other members poems too.

    Please also tell us something more about yourself in your profile presently blank.

  5. abhinav says:

    thanx Vishvnand and gion gion,,,
    @Vishvnand sure friend i’ll post more of my raw attempts to get more suggestions n guidence from you people….

  6. SARALA says:

    Parting is always painful .You have tried to analyse that pain , a bold attempt , keep it up!

  7. parminder says:

    Very nice. Echoes the sentiments of the time when we were about to leave school after 12 years of growing.

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