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Now, if I have said it once,
I have said it a hundred times over.
Run all your posts through a spell-checker!

Except…for some word processors
And that crazy F1 “Help” button,
That quickly turns my brain to gluten!

But…do not be lazy or in a rush and
Only spell-check when the post is set,
For as often as not you will forget!

“Well that may very well be so”, I hear you say.
“So what then Gion Gion
Is your preferred solution?”!

S** M****S****** O*** Office.
Well it is really so simple, I am not being funny,
Just download for free or donate some money!.

Except…it comes with a default of English(US),
So you will have to root in menus for English(UK),
And then click on the button that says [O.K.].

However…try to keep your grammar simple.
For complex syntax the Techs are not paid enough
And the last thing you need is to have to bluff!

P.S. …or you could study hard in school, go to university and get an M.A in English Literature, travel abroad for total immersion, write a thesis on “English Grammar and Spelling” for your Ph.D. And then come back to the site and post your poem……but I find the spell-checker is a lot faster! 😉


  1. rajivsrivastava says:

    thanks a lot your concern for us and this site is highly appreciated

  2. Vishvnand says:

    An elegant poem on spellchecker, I admire
    A lovely aid and a boon to like us most writers
    But it is also often quite witty & a smart joker
    can fool you if you get caught unaware
    are absentminded & depend on it all together
    It tells me to correct Preeti to Pretty, Vikash to Vices
    Gion Gion to Gin Giant & so many such advices. 🙂

    By the way what is “S** M****S****** O*** Office”
    I did not follow, & you say it is simple…?.

  3. purabi says:

    Good one for my students!

  4. parminder says:

    A very interesting guide! Very enjoyable too!

  5. Gion Gion says:

    Thanks you all for reading and commenting.
    I see Vishvnand has seen the flaws in my proposal!
    Spell-checkers can indeed be funny jokers and instead of being lazy and not spell-checking, could we end up finding ourselves being lazy and not spell-checking the spell-checker….oy…what to do??? 😉

  6. rajdeep says:

    “So what then Gion Gion
    Is your preferred solution?”!

    liked it

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