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English Poetry

O!!! My Lissome Mind

Me seems, used to be blind.

For, gably followed that way,

where in it was’nt your life’s way.

It was by Infancy’s Infatuation,

You futile, advanced evulsion.

Eventually, you got separation,

Leading yourself with agitation.

Then, perhaps beyond of the firmament,

An invisible harbinger has been sent,

By the stupendous ‘Infinitum Power’

To awaken you i.e. me and usher,

About the fluctuation of Life

And imparting the wills of divine.

I assimilated that greatest hest,

Was lucrative and the Best,

That focused my Mind,

Towards the Worship Kind.

I made worship my base,

That consists of beautiful grace.

Under this influence,

I got my providence.

It is the essential source –

For my Life off course

Gradually it had had,

I got worship Like Mad.

The Time rolled on,

And the Circumstances toned on

I lost my meditation,

Due to getting again isolation.

I had a great terror,

How would I pass half of semester??

Erstwhile each instant slipped like,

As being an epoch of dolour type

Lastly,   I had dreeing,

In the hankers of Ring.

Ultimately, that Red-Letter-Day Came-

Upon me, fortitude Compassionful became

And I again came too close,

To my missed Homage Rose.

I was so much Tempean,

As an amative found own leman

I entreat in the Long Run,

To dweller of above,” The vault of Heaven”,

Please make us so close to each other,

that by Quidam, can be severed never.

And endrench us by own rummy Vis,

With serene of Charm and Elysian-bliss

O!!! Flory worship,cohere my nimble mind,

Among the petals, strengthening Compeer-blind-

As well as in my every domain of Life,

Back me each severe Critical Time,

With your prudent and Flair,

Meliorating and making me distinguished glare,

The best Comradeship be such ‘Relation,

As become memorable for ensuing ‘Generation……

         Dhirendra Mishra




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  1. nitin_shukla14 says:

    Lovely Thoughts expressed with Great Words………..

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