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Reign..Memories only the moment

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English Poetry

Grow on with span of time


Look like flowers sweet and attractive

Visible only from the eyes eternal

With a sad look

Like the one that contained


In my poems

Dumped in a book.

The book was lost there itself

Of which the simple wrapper

Was more valuable

Wrapped in those innocent looks

Of the eyes alike

A swimming dove


Nowhere is the book I lost

Those thin, soft, delicate

 Fingers however

That I ever see wrapping

 An idiot along the wrapper

Swim but

Why Within my soul

Forever, forever.

Strangers apart

In search, struggling

Within the self,


 For what?

Neither of us

Aware of the destiny

Dreams dormant

Parted she

Parted me


Memories only the moment.

Beautiful, fascinating     

A live statue installed in

Janaki Vatika

So cute

Imprints me

Within her

Silent and mute.

Like a creation of the past

While strolling alone

I search for someone

To break

My haunting moan.


A figure in the sight

Ah, the one

Who encountered initially

With those curios eyes

So pious, silent


With a sparkle bright.

Brains pocketed

We are alike

Dip silently in each-other’s heart

As if being in troth

Soft, sweet, simple

Chatting remain children

Relish both.

Unseen fears

Imposed from outside

Shrinks us shy

Again and again

The twin, but

In- vain.


I ask myself

We cannot look, meet, talk

With ones

We adore


Dispelled to such

As tastes us sour.


Have to wear a mask

Always to hide

Have thorns invariably there

by our side.



  1. prachi sandeep singla says:

    although a nice one 4 sure but i found it quite long

  2. pabitraprem says:

    Thanks Pracheejee. I acknowlege your assesment.

  3. medhini says:

    A lovely and interesting poem,Pabitra.

  4. Parespeare says:

    very nice poem, Sir
    an interesting read

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