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इंसानियत की चाह

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Hindi Poetry

या रब, इंसानियत की चाह में, 
खुद ही को ढून्ढता पाया हम ने 

एक नागमा सुनाना चाहते थे, 
की आवाज़ खोई पाई हम ने,

तेज़ चलने की कुछ आदत सी थी,
की खुद को तनहा पाया हम ने,

कभी चाहा न था फिर भी,
खुद को “विकास” बना पाया हम ने .

****विकास राय भटनागर****


  1. viju says:

    very nice . short and sweet

  2. Vikas Rai Bhatnagar says:

    Many thanks for your appreciation…regards, vikas.

  3. prachi sandeep singla says:

    good attempt but feels incomplete smwhr!!!

    • Vikas Rai Bhatnagar says:

      thanks prachi for the feedback. On the completeness / incompleteness dimension, i have always believed that any work of art is contextual and for the artist, at that point of space and time, makes complete meaning. To that extant, any art, like a new born child, is complete…atleast for the ‘mother’ / artist. No mother wishes a ‘plastic surgery’ for the child…The expression of art captures the unique experience that the artist has experienced at that point of space and time and any ‘plastic surgery’ to it, will only mutilate the innate beauty of an expression…we may dislike and are free to do so, not because of the incompleteness but despite it. regards, vikas.

      • Gion Gion says:

        @Vikas Rai Bhatnagar,
        a very good way of putting it.
        This uniqueness, completeness is so different from something (like bad grammar, rhyming or meter) which needs improvement. I once entirely re-wrote a poem only to realize that as you say “plastic surgery” is what I had done. There is a feeling when writing that sometimes tells you when to stop,

  4. Meeta says:

    Wow! Vikas All the poems are lovely.From when did u have this hobby?

  5. Sujita Khemka says:

    Dear Vikas,

    This new found hobby is a discovery for me! Well I was aware of the ‘Sher-o-shairare’ but this is good ! The ‘insaniyat chhah’ never seems to end and what a way to express! Keep writing and keep updating us on the new ones!
    Good luck

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