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The Tree.

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There the tree still stands,

But pruned hard by time’s,

Relentless seasoned hands.

Limbs lost to foreign mills,

Others often early fallen,

To rot upon familiar hills.

New buds have sprouted,

Then to green and strengthen,

Yet softly lushly flowered.

The wishes under that tree,

Beneath its dappled shade,

Can still wring tears from me.


  1. ULHAS says:


    Just beautiful………………..Loved it….

    Advice – Try inserting a blank line between 4 lines……..it doesnt look good stacked together……..presentation is what I am talking abt….

  2. kanchana says:

    Nice one Mr.Fergus ,esp the last three lines are touching!!.

  3. rachana says:

    beautifully written…Gion!

  4. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    That’s it ! An outstanding way of expressing the virtuous age and eld of
    “Tree”, whose existence is philanthropically care-free, though many
    people/animals, underneath it, happen to emit excreta and pee, pee, pee, wee,wee, wee and run away saying one-two-three ! * * * * *5

  5. Vishvnand says:

    A Very beautiful & hearty poem indeed
    I felt within as if the tree was nurtured by you like a “pet” in your life and with all the feelings which go with that relationship. The last stanza is superb to rejuvenate all the stanzas preceding it
    Kudos to you for the poem. Stars 5+

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