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My first day in class 10th

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English Poetry

I used to go everyday
In a building they called it school
I used to go there to become wise
But came back home as a fool

It went for some time, some years
I somehow passed each time
And finally reached the 10th
Quite mysteriously this time

The 1st day I entered the class
And sat on one of the creaky benches
I realized where I was
Due to the various stenches

It went by normally
as normally as it goes
Crushed under the weight of books
Meeting new friends and foes

By foes don’t take it wrongly
Coz’ i’m the friendliest of all
By foes I mean the new studies
And timetables and punctured ball

Well I wrote a poem this long
Just to pass my time
Overall it was just like always
Attractive and repulsive at the same time


 © Copyright Hitesh Thukral 2010


  1. parminder says:

    You know, it shows 🙂 That you are just passing time. Indefinite and vague when you can really create brilliant ones !

  2. ULHAS says:

    Useless poem……could have been better, seeing the fact that you have written 22 poem………………I really want to see a great poem from you………I will be the first to comment a good liner. Mail me a better poem on ulhas.kavle@gmail.com

    Stars = 2 (for the poem) + 1 (for your try) = 3

  3. pankaj says:

    this is a wonderfull poem…

  4. abc says:

    It was really kiddish. My fifth grade sister writes better. I see you have capacity. You’re not using it right, though.

  5. Amanpreet says:

    It’s ok,hitesh you tried your best.And by the way it’s good

  6. manu gupta says:

    I like your poem so much…… in fact today was my first day of class 10th

  7. diksha says:

    are yaar tum log itna bura bhala kyun bol rhe ho atleast usne try to kiya hum to bs padkar maje m cmnt kar dete h . par really mein it was awesome according to me & i’m also of cls 10th.

  8. karan says:

    Nice poem

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