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Price rise ( बढ़ते भाव) ….!

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Price rise   ….!

The minister announced “Prices of petrol & diesel are hiked “,
People got very upset, rebuked Govt. and conveyed they were very annoyed.
An aged truck driver said “Can’t understand why there is such reaction”
I am not affected, I still fill every time worth Rs. 500, and for me there is no change or deviation”
Everyone laughed,  but think,  isn’t this a wise way for home budget in such inflation abhorred…..

बढ़ते भाव ….!

मंत्री ने ऐलान कर  पेट्रोल  और  डीज़ल  के  भाव  बढ़ा  दिए,
सब  लोग  इस  बात  पर  बहुत  नाराज़  हुए,  सरकार  को  भला  बुरा  कहने  लगे,
एक  बेचारा  बुजुर्ग  ट्रक  ड्राइवर  बोला,  ” भई  मुझे  तो  कुछ  फर्क  नही  पड़ता,
मैं  तो  अब भी  हर  बार  सिर्फ  पाँच  सौ  का  ही  भरता  हूँ  जैसे  पहले  भरता  रहा ”
लोग  इस  नादानी  पर  हँस  पड़े  पर  सोंचें  तो  महँगायी में  हर बात पर  यही  तो  एक  समझदारी  रहे…..

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  1. Hitesh says:

    really brilliant poem with a dash of humour!!!!!!

  2. Vikash says:

    Congrats for you completed 6th century. 🙂

    • Vishvnand says:

      I don’t know how appropriately or vividly to express my gratitude for your compliment, for you have been one of the main persons responsible for making this possible for me. Frankly I had least imagined this possibility in my life and continue to remain surprised…

      I completely believe that my getting totally drawn to “Naam Sadhanaa” as a practice in life, inspired poetry within me, and led me to a boon i.e. becoming a member of our p4poetry, which enhanced my passion, ability & learning in the art of poetry. Reading & commenting on poems and getting feedback on my poems, kept me always inspired for poetry as also life ever since I became a p4poetry member.
      We all know that you are the one responsible for the technological excellence, innovation, knowledge of pod casting & its availability at p4p site. The arrangement for commenting and valued learning & discussions, receiving feedbacks, all such facilities at site has been your gift to people with passion for poetry.
      Therefore I truly believe that credit is to you and the p4poetry core team for a member being able to achieve this figure and I am sure many will follow suit with better and higher quality poems due your intervention of knowledge, talent and efforts, poetical as also advanced technical, at our esteemed p4poetry site…
      I express my sincere gratitude to you for all this …

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