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Retirement …नयी जिंदगी….!

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ये मेरी एक पुरानी रचना अब इसके podcast  सहित पोस्ट कर रहा हूँ.
बताना चाहूँगा की ये रचना मेरे retirement होने के पहले सप्ताह में ही उभरी और इसकी बताई दिशा ने  ही  मेरा retirement  सुखमय बनाया है. इसलिए ये रचना मुझे मेरे बहुत करीब की और प्यारी है…


रिटायरमेंट …नयी जिंदगी….!

मै  रिटायर   हो  गया  हूँ….
पहले  सहमा  कुछ,   मगर  अब,
इक  नयी  सी  जिन्दगी  की  राह  पर,
फिर  चल  पडा  हूँ……

आज  तक  की  जिन्दगी  की  दौड़  में,
बचपने  के  गीत  जो  भूले  हुए  थे,
आज  कर  फिर  याद  उनको  प्यार  से,
नित  नयी  धुन  मे  उन्हे  दुहरा  रहा  हूँ…….
इक  नयी  सी  जिन्दगी  की  राह  पर,
फिर  चल  पडा  हूँ……

फूल  पौधे,  पेढ  पंछी,   ये  नजारे,
ये  समंदर  आसमा  ये  चाँद  तारे,
अब  नयी  नज़रों  से  इनको  देख  कर,
साथ  इनके  ही  मैं  ख़ुद  को  पा  रहा  हूँ……
इक  नयी  सी  जिन्दगी  की  राह  पर,
फिर  चल  पडा  हूँ……

जिन्दगी  की  दौड़  मे  तो  “अहम”  था,
जीत  की  ख्वाहिश  मे  जो  हारा  रहा,
अब  “अहम”  की  जगह  पर,  “दिल”  को  बिठा,
दिल  की  भोली  ख्वाहिशों   में  खो  रहा  हूँ…
इक  नयी  सी  जिन्दगी  की  राह  पर,
फिर  चल  पडा  हूँ……

सब  मे  जो  है,   और  सबसे  भी  बड़ा  है,
जिसकी  माया  ही  निरंतर  गूढ़  है,
अब  मिला  है  समय  हाथों  मे  जो  कुछ,
खोज  मे  उसकी  स्वयं  को  ढा  रहा  हूँ…
इक  नयी  सी  जिन्दगी  की  राह  पर,
फिर  चल  पडा  हूँ ……

यारों,  क्या  मै  सच  रिटायर  हो  गया  हूँ…?
जी  नहीं, …अब  तो,
इक  नयी,  प्यारी  सी,  जीवन  राह  पर,
यूं  चल  पडा  हूँ..……!

” विश्व नन्द ”


  1. medhini says:

    Sunder kavita, Vishvji.
    on retired life. Nice

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, which is the only one received so far. It appears as usual the working people don’t want to even look at this subject “Retirement” to the extent they can avoid facing it and there nothing unusual about it.

      • S K sabberwsl says:

        Vishwanand ji today for giving best wishes on my friend retirement I search and found your poem really this is not only a poem this is book of your life which you learn from your experience and your nearby atmosphere and written in simple poetry. Great

  2. Sudesh Kumar Rajpal (Ahluwalia) says:

    padh kar anan aya, Realy आफ्टर Re-tirement Nature को एन्जॉय करूँगा.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Sudesh Kumar Rajpal (Ahluwalia)
      आपकी इस मनभावन प्रतिक्रिया से यह प्रयास सफल सा पाया
      और प्रयास का सात्विक आनंद और समाधान मन में उभर आया.
      आपका इस नव वर्ष की शुभ कामनाओं के साथ हार्दिक शुक्रिया …

  3. Anuj kumar Acharya says:

    I am going to recite your poem with your kind permission on retirement of our Principal response of audience will be conveyed later on

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Anuj kumar Acharya
      I am delighted. Please do it gladly. The poem is for the benefit of people retiring and I feel honored for your selecting this poem and for letting me know.
      Do inform me about the institution and something more about your own self along with how your presentation was received.. .

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Anuj kumar Acharya
      I would welcome and am awaiting to know of whatever was the response which I feel you have missed to inform me through oversight though promised.

  4. Pooja says:

    Beautiful poem.i was also searching for something for my dad’s retirement party.found only one that of yours. It really touched my heart. I would love to recite this at his party if u permit.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Pooja ,
      Please do go ahead, you have my full permission and goodwill. Also wish your Dad, a wonderful & healthful long retired life on my behalf.
      I am heartily thankful to you for your so fine a gesture of seeking permission.

      This poem has been recited many times in programs of senior citizens & parties with my friends/relations; and I keenly want the poem to be known by people reaching superannuation.

      A bit about this poem;
      It had got of itself composed within a week of my retirement in Oct ’92, with feelings & thoughts which possibly I was nurturing within but had not got organized till penning this poem and then the poem became my guideline for me for leading fortunately a very happy retired life in profound gratitude to The Almighty.
      We elders have to grow old gracefully & gratefully to enjoy life fully and remain in proper health.
      Do inform me at your convenience about how did the party go and your dad’s observation on his retirement.

  5. parminder says:

    That is the way retirement from work should be taken. A new start, a time when you can veer towards your interests and do what work otherwise prevented. Lovely!

  6. Greetings I am so glad I found your weblog, I really found you by accident, while I was looking
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  7. Nidhi says:

    hello sir..i wanted to take permission from to recite this poem in my dads retirement party..its actually a wondeful poem…every word has an impact..and a positivity to start a new life

    • Vishvnand says:

      Please go ahead & you are welcome. I am feeling delighted at your respectful gesture to select the poem for the occasion & to write to me for permission. Please do also wish on my behalf a very happy, healthy & fulfilling innings to your dad on his retirement. I will look forward with interest to know from you more about the party & the occasion on its conclusion at your convenience… 🙂

  8. Brooke says:

    Great poem.Can I recite it in my colleague’s retirement party please?

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you very much for the gesture of appreciation. You are welcome. Please do go ahead & recite the poem as you wish & wish your friend a very happy retirement on my behalf too…. ! 🙂

  9. nikki says:

    Sir atynt sundar rachna h aapki.
    Iske liye koi shabd ni h mere pas .
    M apki aagya chahti hu k kya m ise apni mummy k retirement k card m le skti hu .please give me permission
    Thank u.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Rachanaa kii prashansaa ke liye aapkaa hardik shukriyaa. Merii aagyaa hii nahii balki mujhe bahut khushii hogii gar aap is rachanaa kaa upyog jaisaa chahte hain is avasar par jaroor karen aur meri taraf se bhii aapki mummy ko unke retirement par hardik shubhkaamanaayen pradaan karen….Dhanyvaad 🙂

  10. VIKAS says:

    Beautiful Lines……….please allow me to recite it on my fathers retirement party…..please…

    • Vishvnand says:

      Vikas … you are most welcome to do so, and I feel very happy & delighted at your comment/request.

      This poem had got composed by itself as explained earlier in my comments at my retirement time in Oct 1992 & enjoying & following the tenets it propounds I have lived & enjoyed my retired life fully, happily & productively thus far (for over 20 years now) growing old gracefully & gratefully in gratitude to God The Almighty…..
      And yes, please also convey my profound Best Wishes & Greetings to your father on the occasion….!

  11. ANIL RASTOGI says:

    vey occasion ful poem i have decided ti read it on my retirement anil

  12. ritika says:

    Hello sir,i wanted to take permission to recite this poem on my dad’s retirement.it’s really very touching poem

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks so much for the reference. It is such comments that immensely delight the authors, encourage them & make all their efforts feel worthwhile. Please do go ahead to recite the poem & wish your dad a great retirement innings on my behalf too…! 🙂

  13. manish says:

    Pranam Sir,

    Need your permission to recite this poem today on retirement of my beloved AGM Sir.
    You poem is really Awesome.


  14. THE LAST HINDU says:

    Wah kya baat hai Sir …bahut hi umda

  15. seema says:

    i really like you poem. i want to dedicate this poem to my father- in law on his retiremment. Sir, with your due permission can i play it my party. If possible sir could you please send me the audio of this poem to my email id so that i can play it at party and everyone will able to hear this beautiful poem in your own voice. looking forward for your response.

    Seema Bansal

  16. Devasish sen says:

    Today 30 july 2015 . I am going to retire tomorrow. My relatives friends are asking me since morning what l am going to do next?
    Dear bro..l just have send your beautiful poem which my lips wanted to utter but there was no language. And those language l discovered in this poem.
    Thanks bro..once again

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you so very much Mr Devasish Sen, for your graceful comment & a very delighting acknowledgement respecting this poem of mine which had got penned within a week of my retirement. It is now 22years since I retired in Oct 1992 & the poem has indeed guided the way I have enjoyed & am still enjoying my years in retirement, by the kind grace of The Almighty.
      I wish you a very happy & a very enjoyable healthy retirement & am feeling enthused to share this poem again on my facebook timeline along with your comment ….!

  17. Laxmi says:

    Vry nice poem. I would like to tk yr permission to recite it in my friend’s retirement party.
    Thanks fr such a nice composition.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks so much for your comment on the poem & the reference that has delighted me. Please do go ahead with the poem as you have desired & on my behalf too wish your friend a very happy & healthy retirement & a long life of serene fulfillment …..!

  18. sarvesh says:

    Off course so nice

  19. Anju bapna says:

    A very beautiful poem on retirement.Can I recite this poem on my brother in law’s retirement.

  20. ajay says:

    Beautiful poem
    Sir can I recite on my senior retirement

  21. Tapan Goyal says:

    Namaste Uncle

    Bahut hi khoobsurat kavita likhi hai aapne. Mere Father-in-law k retirement party par kehne k liye main aisi kisi panktiyon ki talash kar raha tha.. agar aapki permission ho to kya main ye kavita bol sakta hoon?


    • Vishvnand says:

      Tapan ji, is kavitaa ki prashansaa aur use chunane ke liye hardik dhanyvaad. aap jaroor is kavitaa ko party me sunaiye aur aapke Father -in -law ko merii bhii hardik badhaai aur shubhkaamanayen pahunchaaiye ….Best Regards …Vishvnand

  22. Kiran says:

    Indeed a rare composition !!
    Truly motivating, and l must admire the spirit of the composer who actually followed his words ,which reflects in his replies to the comments. This is simply to respect ur zeal .Always move on with the same spirit ☺

  23. Sanjeev says:

    बहुत ही सुंदर अभिव्यक्ति वाह क्या बात है

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