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When Fairies were Angels

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English Poetry



|| Once upon a time, when the fairies were Angels,

Of which an old Fairy tells ||

When Fairies were Angels long long ago,

they lived upon the clouds with Gods and Saints,

where God made rules and they lived under His vow,

and promised to bring peace without any complaints.

When all was just peaceful and when all was just calm,

and the heavens were filled as usual with the goodness from the earth,

He trained them all and promoted some,

to the ranks of Angels to spread His worth.

|| They painted themselves white – these Angles,

To look as pretty, an old Fairy tells ||

Snow white the Angels, they had to look as white,

for which they flew around, across the airy clouds,

so that they looked pretty, so that they looked bright

but for it was just a pain; to do all this for a few applauds.

And they could not revolt for years and years through,

these Angels sat pretty with a smiling face on,

for there was nothing much that they could ever do

on the God ruled place called the Heavens upon.

|| Some though revolted, these God given spells,

They had gotten bored, an old Fairy tells ||

But not all Angels were crazy and not all wanted such glow,

not all of them wished to glide around amass,

some had gotten bored and wished they could just go,

far away somewhere and work for a cause.

It must have been a thousand years or a thousand ages across

when these rebels grew in strength,

they flew in mutiny and howled over their boss

and they revolted on the strict rules framed in no consent.

And they say the bible has it written, when God got this news

he had gone mad and he was in tears,

with all the goodness done, against his beliefs and against all his views,

he could not stomach the news that had fallen on his ears.

He thought for days and thought in righteousness,

of a fair dealing, much to call it democratic,

something that would clear the deep tangled mess

a thought of justice for either sides to speak.

|| God opened doors for those wished one’s Angels

Who wished to leave happily, an old Fairy tells ||

Then on a fine morning, He stood there at the Heaven’s door

where He  called all and summoned each Angel,

at the center of which He bellowed, He cried before,

and pleaded each to stay by choice or leave in farewell.

The Crowd stood stunned, all good angels these,

of whom none was evil and none was ruthless,

though they who revolted they had their own basis,

they had their own good reasons, of what I guess.

So He left the doors open till the end of that day,

for never did He wish to throw them in to the dungeons of Hell

and never did He think they deserved any slay,

and never did He hate them for their rebel.

|| Thus they left Heaven, these snow white Angels

to then they were called Fairies, an old Fairy tells ||

Many did leave and many bid goodbye, of that day so was written,

they left with all their powers and they left with all their spells

and they knew, they were leaving for a cause, and there wasn’t a return

and they knew the world wouldn’t treat them as they would treat the Angels.

Then  there was no seeing behind, the social causes were many,

worthy earthlings on earth to those who were in dread

these Angels gave them hope, these Angels eased their dismay,

to which, the world called them charming and they called them ‘Fairies’ Instead.

The Folklore still sings their deeds, it sings them as kind

and many still add their wishes, their desires, in faith

and in dreams and in distress, they still wish that they would find

a Fairy to untangle life, a Fairy to makes things right.

……….This Poem is about a fact as found on Wikipedia, on how Angels became Fairies. This is just one of the stories on how Rebellious Angels were allowed to leave Heaven and live their own way…………..I really did take a lot of time, this time……..The topic was difficult

……………………………….This is My Fairy Tale…………………………………..






  1. Vishvnand says:

    A very gallant and enchantingly narrated beautiful poem of how some Angels became Fairies. Liked the poem immensely
    A very fascinating knowledge too.
    Ulhas, for this poem. kudos to you

    Just a little suggestion. I think
    “never did he wished” should be ” never did he wish”
    “never did he thought” should be ” Never did he think”
    I don’t know I may be (w)rong too.

    • ULHAS says:


      I changed Never did he wished to Never did he wish…………….the other I left………as it suited the flow……………Thanks sir

      Thanks for the advice……….and thanks for commenting

  2. shalu says:

    Ulhas do you need any comments you have it all 🙂

  3. medhini says:

    A beautiful poem, based on interesting information
    and a novel idea.

  4. rajdeep says:


  5. dr.paliwal says:

    Beautiful narration, nice poem……
    Liked it……….
    Star man Ulhas ji all *****stars to U…….

  6. parminder says:

    What alovely composition! And thanks for increasing our GK too 🙂 Never knew about this fact ! But you have certainly written in a very charming manner befitting a fairy tale.

  7. Parespeare says:

    wow Ulhasji
    never knew about this…
    fairies followed their heart
    this is what we too need to do
    follow our true calling in life
    whichever it might be
    lovely poem

    • ULHAS says:


      This is just one of the stories, there are many other stories on how Fairies came in to Being………………………………..

      Thanks Parikshit

  8. renu rakheja says:

    Ulhas- thanks for the story.Pls do look into the poem- it has grammatical errors which take away the beauty of the poem

    • ULHAS says:

      @renu rakheja,

      Thanks and I have done a lot of changes, Please read it again and reply.

      Thanks for the advice……I knew there was something holding the flow at some places.

  9. Ravi Rajbhar says:

    Nice very nice ulhal ji…
    well writing….and grt8 poem.

  10. narendra raghunath says:

    Good story, some pot holes…level them….will be great

  11. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Dear Ulhas, I take your above write as an excellent indefatigable effort to
    carry you from good to better, but I, am sure, you cherish instincts to go
    ahead from better to best. The write deserves not less than 5-stars, but I
    earnestly urge upon you to incorporate a few meagre grammatical
    amendments to make the write alright:-
    1) delete the helping verb “did” before the words “he thought” to read
    correctly as only “he thought”;
    2) Use the letter “h” in its capital form “H”, wherever it refers to “God”.
    Hope you won’t mind doing so to make the write alright. a.k. goswami.

    • ULHAS says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami,

      Thanks for the advice, I have corrected the “he”, “him” and “his……have put the H to capital.

      I could not understand your other request…………..ashwiniji, the sentence was earlier kept as “never did he think…………” but it was changed as per various request………

      if you think I am wrong, please give me some detailed details….

      Thanks a lot……………I really appreciate that………….

      • ashwini kumar goswami says:

        @ULHAS, Thanks, Dear Ulhas ! Let me
        please clarify :- I don’t know as to who and when anyone advised the
        change from “did he think” to “did he thought” ? However, if you insist I may
        only anyhow agree to your insisting upon “did he thought”, you may let it
        stand intact, only if the word “thought” is indended to be apllied as a noun !
        That’s all ! a.k. goswami.

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